Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
Android TV

Downloader is not just a file downloader. It is the best available Android TV and Fire TV web browser for free. Unlike other web browser applications for TV, Downloader has much more features and user friendliness. Hardest thing to do on TV boxes are web browsing. Because we have to use TV remote to click buttons, text, scroll, etc.

Many use external peripherals like mouse and keyboard, Gamepad, etc. to make web browsing easier. What to do if you have only TV remote. “Downloader” is the best TV web browser that work perfectly and smoothly with remote. You may have heard about mouse toggle application. Some used to install this application have mouse pointer on screen. That mouse pointer can easily move using arrow keys of your TV remote. That helps to click anywhere on the screen without using an action mouse. But it is not for free. You have to buy for features.

“Downloader” has built virtual mouse pointer like Mouse Toggle to click anywhere on websites. You can use remote arrow keys to close ads, click on buttons easily. This browser application has many other features to ease web browsing on TV. Comes with pre-configured popular TV websites. Just scroll and click to load. No need to type website URLs using remote. You can add your favorite websites to favorite list.

Install Downloader on TV BOX

This application available on both Play Store and Amazon app Store. For Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV stick, Fire TV cube use Amazon App Store. You can use Amazon Alexa voice assistance to install this application too.

Previously Downloaded was removed from Play Store TV for having a web browser. Now it was reenabled on play store. If your Android TV has play store use it to install this web browser application. Once you install this application, you have to download browser plugin separately to allow web browsing feature. That is due to play store policy barriers.

Many TV users use this web browser application to side load applications. Best and easiest way to install any Android TV app stores like AppLinked, FileSynced and UnLinked are using this web browser. Downloader also offers short codes to download files. If you see any TV application on internet and want to install on your TV, best solution is Downloader. No need to type those hard to remember download URLs. Just copy paste that download URL on AFTVnews site (developers of Downloader) and get short code. Then enter that short code on this web browser to download.

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