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Your guest bedroom often remains untouched for months until it’s summer or the holidays roll around, and you’re suddenly running around trying to dust off the carpets and turn it into a livable space. However, your guests can tell when a room is hastily thrown together and making them feel unwelcome is the last thing you want. 

Ideally, you want your guest bedroom to combine at-home amenities with comfortable hotel-esque living. Here are some ways you can use iron doors to instantly refresh your guest bedroom and turn it into an inviting and charming space:

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Iron Doors that Enliven a Bedroom with Natural Light

The glass panes on iron doors make sure your guest bedroom gets a healthy dose of natural light. This little fix instantly brings life back to a drab room. You can also incorporate a set of bespoke screen panels into your hand-forged iron door to ensure your guests enjoy cool breezes all day long.

Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a variety of doors with and without screens, including the Dream Single Flat door with a customized screen. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you in creating a door with all the features you desire.

Arched Iron Doors Create the Illusion of More Space

You can play around with shapes and sizes to change up the perceived size of your guest bedroom. If you’re working with a smaller space, you want to avoid a door that is too narrow or straight. Doors with straight edges make a room appear smaller than it actually is.

Arched wrought iron doors, however, are a great way to achieve harmony and beauty in your room’s design. Adding curves and bends to a design gives the impression of a wider space and longer walls. Besides, it gives off a feeling of grandeur that will leave your guests feeling like they’re staying at a lavish mansion.

Unique Iron Doors with Textured or Tinted Glass

Most homeowners prefer glass doors due to their tidiness and aesthetic appeal. Nonetheless, these doors have massive panes of glass that don’t provide much in the way of privacy. Consider replacing your guest bedroom doors with a sliding steel door or a Dutch iron door to give your guests more seclusion.

Dutch doors are great for maintaining personal space without keeping sunlight and cool breezes out of a room. The top flap of these doors swings opens independently of the bottom half, giving your guests lots of personal privacy and solitude coupled with a pleasant, sunny atmosphere. You can also consider wrought iron pocket doors with tinted glass inserts in a wrought-iron pocket as a space-saving solution for a small doorway.

Sliding Steel Doors as Space-Saving Room Dividers

Are you expecting a lot of guests to stay over but don’t have enough rooms in the house to accommodate them all? Consider dividing your interior into distinct areas using room dividers. Room dividers are a great way to open a space up without making any drastic changes to your home. 

Sliding steel doors are a great example of making the most of limited space. You can create a separate guest room in a studio apartment or open-floor-plan home within minutes by adding a sliding steel door. Plus, these doors have glass panes that can be tinted for more privacy or left clear if you’re making the most of outdoor views.

Modern barn doors are another choice if a space-saving sliding door is something that piques your interest. These doors are surface-mounted, so they operate by sliding horizontally across the top of the wall. Iron doors like these don’t use up any important floor or wall space, making them super easy to install on any unused wall.

Update Your Wardrobe with Classic French Doors

The timeless elegance of French doors makes them a versatile contender for every doorway in your home, including your wardrobe! Add a pair of arched French doors to the closet in your guest bedroom, and watch the entire room transform instantly. 

If you’re worried that your guest wardrobe doorway isn’t big enough to fit a pair of standard French Doors, you can always get a door custom-made to your specific measurements. Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a wide range of interior, entry, steel, and iron doors. Whether you want a customized screen on an iron door, more glass panels, or a specific size, their team will modify any door to your needs. Contact them today to learn more or browse through their catalog for more design ideas.

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The author is an interior designer with 12 years of experience designing doors for Pinky’s Iron Doors. The leading steel and iron doors company has been providing homeowners all over the US with sleek and stylish doors and windows for over four decades.

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