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Dubai desert safari – a home for a beautiful memoryDubai desert safari – a home for a beautiful memory

Why choose desert safari Dubai? 

Over the past few years and for a while now, Dubai has been modernised to the point it has become the most modern and prosperous Emirates in UAE. It has become a go to place for both young children who want to go for a summer trip to adults looking for good job offers or couples and families looking for a place to finally settle in and build a life in. From shopping to hotels to luxury trips, or just a retreat away from your busy, Dubai has it all but one thing that must be playing in your head right now, from the moment Dubai was mentioned here or anywhere else must be the sand dunes and the desert safari dubai. When you think of this place, desert safari dubai is that one image that comes to mind. Be it from travel agency catalogues, a friend’s trip pictures to the Middle East or even the movies and shows that you binge on all weekend long. It is in magazines, it is a prime location for shooting of movies and it is in every aspiring artists checklist of places they want to photograph.  What really is it about desert safari dubai? What may be the reason behind this? What really is the desert safari dubai? Well it is way more than long walks in the middle of nowhere and sand in your eyes and feet. It is not a painful walk in the scorching heat or a character lost in nowhere. Desert safari dubai is the hub of all things exciting. There is a reason this is on everybody’s list, that too on the top, when they plan a trip to dubai. Sure the sky lines, the city lights and the modern attractions are something but desert safari dubai is the place to be. This golden desert is the highlight. You can go with your friends, a boyfriend, a husband or a wife or even on a retreat with complete strangers. The experience knows no bounds and even though it can be different for everyone, it is magical all the same. Even if you go nowhere in Dubai and just take a trip to desert safari dubai, you have gotten the best the place has to offer. Think about it. Why does your friend spam her entire Instagram, even a year later, from that one 5 day trip to Dubai? Its not an experience you can forget or get over that fast. It brings you joy, it brings you peace. All in all, it is an unforgettable experience. A memory you hold close to your heart and cherish forever. It is THE place to be if you plan on visiting the Middle East. A complete package of a trip, even if you visit for less time, especially if you visit for less time. You visit once and then you always want to go back to it. It is affordable and the same luxuries are provided to anyone coming from any city, country or background. 

What desert safari has to offer (Nature wise)

Dubai desert safari offers you an experience like no other. It is exactly what anybody needs at any point in their life. This experience is magical in a way that it fits any category that you may be looking for activities under. The Dubai desert safari, like mentioned before, is not a painful experience in wilderness. It has so much more to offer. You have a myriad of options to choose from with so many different activities. It is like entering a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. Yes, that was indeed an Aladdin reference but, it is not far off. It really is fantastic, and a world different from what you are used to. It is an experience that is different from all those other trips you take, be it Europe, China, India or an island. What you find there you might find in other parts of the world but this one experience in dubai desert safari is of so unique a nature, that you will not find it in any other part of the world. Coming back to what it has to offer, let us start by nature. Under the nature category, of course you will find yourself in sand. There is sand in front of you, behind you and beneath your feet, between your toes. But that sounds bland, does it not? However, we are all aware of how beautiful merely grains of sand are placed naturally in dubai desert safari that you stand there in awe, the whole time. Beautiful ups and downs of sand dunes, little hills here and there, make for such a beautiful scene. But it is not just a hundred percent sand everywhere. Like mosaic, you will also find specks of green here and there. Besides that, your eye will catch sight of beautiful animals too, always in a pair or a tiny group. There will be patterned, exotic, monitor lizards. Long and pointy horned gazelles hopping one place to another and beautiful, smart wild cats will catch your eye as well. Seeing this wildlife reside there peacefully brings joy to the heart too. Dubai desert safari is not just a home for your memories but also a home for these animals and the wildlife that spend their life the way they are supposed to. They are undisturbed and exist beautifully in nature. And as they do that, they also become an added accessory, of beautiful nature, to the visitors. 

Fun activities for your trip at the safari!

Now incorporating a bit of wildlife with your trip, this next one brings out a friend to accompany you. You may have already guessed. Camels! Now what is a desert without a camel ride? Or what is a trip to dubai, especially the desert safari, without a camel? What evidence do you have of the desert safari if it is not for those pictures of you with a camel? What a shame it would be to return home without having this one experience. Desert safari offers you a ride on camel backs. It is exhilarating and a new type of high. Camels are not animals found anywhere in the world. Unlike horses, you do not have the liberty to get on a camel back for a casual stroll. Here in the desert safari you are sure to get a small ride but you can also pick the option for an extended travel even across the desert on these bad boys. Speaking of rides, it is not just camels you can travel on and I am sure you know where this is headed. Quad bikes! Yes, you knew this was coming, and you were expecting it. Looking for something even more thrilling, you have the option of renting quad bikes and just surfing across the sand dunes, at your own pace and speed which is a thrilling experience for sure. And it is not just quad bikes. There is dune bashing and sand skiing too. You must have had an experience or at least heard about your conventional skiing. Well, the desert safari brings you an experience of a life time of skiing on sand. Apart from this, you also get the chance to enjoy buggy rides as well! 

Another activity that most of us enjoy, that fills our heart with warmth and instantly lifts our mood; food. And what is better than food? Exquisite, unique cuisine in the desert safari. You need not worry when you find yourself in the desert under the sun, doing all these activities, with adrenaline rushing in your blood. You are not stuck in an overhyped Hollywood movie, and so you will find not only water, but the best menu that dubai has to offer. The food is based on your preferences coupled with what dubai has to offer. It is different, it is unique and it tastes like heaven. The hospitality of the hosts alone leaves you wanting more and fills your heart. 

Another scary experience that the desert safari turns to gold is camping. Now I know what you are thinking. Camping? At night? In the dessert? Alone? How about camping in the desert, with other travellers, in beautifully set up tents and tables? Think of this more like glamping. A glamorous camping experience that only elevates your experience of the desert safari, under a clear dark sky, embedded with beautiful shining starts, sitting amongst other travellers, sharing different stories and creating a memory together. You may be in a desert but you are treated royally. The chairs and tables are taken care of, food prepared on spot, fresh and authentic, with warm lights around you and beautiful calming music playing. You are disconnected from the outside world, living in the moment, in pure bliss. This is surely an experience of a lifetime where you get to take a break from the busy lifestyle we all lead, from the chaos of the cities, pollution from trucks and cars and factories and the noise of the traffic. You get to sit down away from that hectic routine, without your phone or laptop or any other duties that need tending. It is both a mental and physical break that is much needed, a retreat for your mind and soul. 



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