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Dubai Government Provides Commercial Activity Licenses And Registration

In the legal process of acquiring a trade license in Dubai, you have to obtain a licensed trade license as per your preferred business structure and commercial activities. Let us get started by understanding what actually trade license in Dubai really is. Trade is defined as the exchange of goods or services between two or more parties. The ultimate goal of a business is to make profit. To attain this goal, a business owner must be able to enter into mutually beneficial trading arrangements with other businesses.

For business owners in Dubai, business deals are made on the basis of contracts which are signed by the exporter or the national buyer and the agent who represents the seller. Contracts may cover a wide range of topics like the price and the payment terms, the quantity, the delivery schedule, and other relevant information. There are several types of transactions which require a type of license like import, export, and local or foreign direct investment. Each type of transaction has its own set of regulations and corresponding documents. A business that needs to acquire Dubai trade licenses must apply for one from the appropriate authorities.

When you need to apply for a trade license in Dubai, the first step will be to prepare and sign a tenancy contract. This document is essential for all transactions between the buyer and the seller and cannot be changed in any way. A typical tenancy contract in Dubai will have the following parts: a property description or map of the area where the property is located, a brief description of the nature of the business involved, a notice of intent, and the conditions under which the licence will be granted. The property description will be used for all inspections and for any changes that might affect the functioning of the property.

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The next step would be to draw up an application for the trade license. This application can be made by submitting a detailed description of your business as well as by uploading any pictures related to your business. It is recommended that an agent from the concerned authority be present during the process. You can also upload any previous articles or press releases on the website of the emirates Commercial Facilitation Office (CFO). In addition, if you are a non-UAE national and you plan to sell products manufactured in another country, you will need a certificate of ownership and registration from the country where the products were manufactured.

Once you have made an application for a trade license in Dubai, you will need to submit an application for initial approval. For this, you will need to submit three business documents that would include a full set of business records and the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Your company name must be mentioned explicitly in the document. The name of your company must be followed by the word “Company” and should be written in Arabic letters.

When the initial approval is obtained, your trade business license will be ready. The document is provided with a registration number which is then valid for two years. After this period, you can apply for an annual renewal. In order to renew your commercial trading license, you will need to submit a request to the Commercial Facilitation Office for a renewal certificate.

Many commercial trading companies operate in Dubai. However, it is better to go through a UAE registered company as this proves that the company is a legitimate one. There are many companies that are run by foreigners who intend to take advantage of the system. They register their company in the country and do not submit necessary documents to the Dubai Trade license Authorities. This makes them open to fraud and legal violations.

As mentioned earlier, commercial trade activities in Dubai are covered under the duly approved Commercial Activity Directives. These regulations define the minimum number of employees that are permitted to work in any given business. This is done in order to ensure that there is no abuse of the system. If you wish to set up your own business in Dubai, all the relevant documents such as the business plan, legal documents and tax returns are to be submitted to the Commercial Facilitator. Once all these documents are in place, the licensing authorities will issue your commercial trade license.

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