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Which Earrings are your Most Favorite? Mine are Hoops

Earrings are certainly the most used accessories by Indian women. They are practical and have the power to complement the look or just be there as a touch of femininity.

Wearing earrings is such an ingrained act that some people don’t leave home without putting on an earring, no matter how simple it is.

Earrings are available in the most varied models, sizes and materials. For every occasion there is an ideal type of earring.

Here you will know which are the best earrings for each type of face, know the types of earrings available, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of clasp, where to Buy Ethnic Earrings Set Online on the internet and much more! 

Knowing what your face type is and which earrings can enhance your look more helps you create a beautiful production that will make you more secure. 

Hoops are evergreen

One of the most commonly used earrings is small hoops. That’s because they are like the classic rings, but with a much smaller size. These earrings are ideal for everyday use and match any occasion. If you want to impress, you can wear the earring with stronger makeup. Another great option is to combine it with a statement necklace.

A style increasingly used by women who love a trend and are not afraid of making a mistake is the mix of earrings. However, to use this composition it is necessary to have two or more holes. In these compositions it’s nice to play with very different earrings in each of the holes, the composition is fun!

But if you’re not too comfortable with different mixes, you can decorate earrings in the same style too. This versatile composition can be made from two proposals: in a more street, urban and cool look or in a more formal look, as in a special occasion.

Dangle or earring with pendant

These earrings are super classic! Talking of being classic, Buy Ethnic Bajuband Online! Dangle earrings are used at different stages of life as they are timeless. They are romantic earrings and perfect for a classic look. Although it is a very traditional type of earring, pendant types and designs are being reinvented to combine a classic piece with modern elements. They are perfect for special occasions!

Pearl Earrings

The most classic earrings of all time! Pearls are simple stones and at the same time sophisticated and luxurious. So, this is an earring that can also be used in any situation! Depending on the design of the piece, it can even be used in very special ceremonies. Therefore, many brides also opt for pearls during their wedding.


Finally, let’s talk about light point earrings! Certainly, they are the most famous among small earrings. This is a super simple earring, but extremely luxurious. It is a favorite of celebrities when it comes to small earrings. Among the most used points of light is the always wonderful diamond or zirconia. However, there are points of light of many colors. This earring is simple and perfect!

These types of earrings adorn any outfit, precisely because they are not too extravagant. Having a mix of these semi-jewels is ideal for a complete jewelry box. After all, who doesn’t want to be elegant and still compose the look with a lot of practicality?

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