Sun. May 26th, 2024

2020 was a nightmare for the majority of people around the world. In a few months, the coronavirus took over and spread its roots in all parts of the world and resulted in months’ extended lockdowns and quarantine periods. Consequently, these months have birthed a series of catastrophic events for everyone and affected them mentally, economically, academically, and financially. 

Amongst the first repercussions of the pandemic was the banning of inbound and outbound flights. It meant that travel was officially out of the books. Naturally, this caused quite a stir and took its toll on many people’s jobs. Moreover, this ban also affected many individuals who couldn’t travel anymore and couldn’t get their getaway and peace of mind. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this ban on traveling would end permanently since the virus is still with us. However, we do know easy ways you can quench your thirst for traveling during the pandemic.


Since you cannot travel the world and get out there, it doesn’t mean you cannot bring it to yourself. Therefore, to feel a sense of closure and accomplishment, adorn your room walls with different paintings and pictures. Surf the internet and find artwork that pleases your aesthetic. Moreover, you can also invest in a map poster or two and hang them up on your walls as well. They come in various designs and prints and give an aesthetic feel to your room. A map poster would also encourage an active and healthy response from the inhabitant of the room. It happens because the environment you are in affects one’s mind and psyche significantly. In turn, having such a poster in your room would give one a sense of security that one would indeed travel again. Hence, until you cross that blue paint of oceans and seas on the map, make your dream vacation route and develop a well-planned travel plan using your map poster as a template of the world.

Moreover, artists create masterpieces in which they tend to live on forever. Art is an expression of life and the reflection of the soul. Notably, for this reason, to beat the longing of hopping on a plane and going to a different continent, try to bring your preferred travel spots to life by recreating them on the canvas. Close your eyes and feel everything as you would in real life. Imagine the hues of colors set across the setting sky and bring them to your canvas. Think about the minutest of details that you witnessed, such as the birds flying across the sky. Once you create the perfect image in your mind, try to bring everything together and create a work of art. 


For many of us, the excitement of traveling lies in the different sorts of cuisine and food items you get to try. Going on a vacation means having at least one item of food in your hand at all times, whether it be street food or snacks from the local supermarket. Thus, amidst this time of lockdowns and quarantine, prepare your favorite cuisine and enjoy as you bring different places of the world to your plate. You can try out recipes of Chinese, Thai food, Indian curries, and so on. Explore different flavors and spices and spend each day in various cafes and restaurants in Paris, Italy, Turkey, Canada, etc. And you don’t have to leave the house.


No travel plan is complete without a series of carefully-put-together outfits that reflect the culture of the country you are traveling to. By dressing like the locals, you feel a sense of belonging and acceptance and give a deeper meaning to your journey. Accordingly, to achieve this while stuck at home, try to come up with different outfits and dress up. Spend a day in the Japanese attire of kimonos, summer dresses of Greece, tailored pants and shirts of Paris, kurtas of Pakistan, etc. Spend every day as you would in the actual place around all the locals and make the most of it in whatever way you can. Explore your local shops or order online and create outfits that would take you to different parts of the world every time you wear them.


Coronavirus has had dire consequences and altered our sense of reality. Our routine has been significantly affected, and we cannot do much about it then wait for it all to be over. However, that does not mean that the waiting period has to be difficult and miserable. You have to adapt to the circumstances accordingly and make the most of everything and every day. Therefore, try to develop new hobbies and skill sets to keep you entertained and follow these easy steps and satisfy your need for traveling this season. 

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