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We are a modern law firm with expertise in commercial dispute resolution, Immigration, and corporate law in a wide range of sectors.

Edmans and Co is a modern law firm with expertise in commercial dispute resolution, Immigration, and corporate law in a wide range of sectors. Our clients include businesses in different sectors, multi-national corporations, high net worth individuals, directors, and private individuals.

Settled status

Settled Status in the UK refers to the immigration status granted to eligible EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens, as well as their family members, who were living in the UK before the end of the Brexit transition period (December 31, 2020). It allows individuals to continue living and working in the UK without any immigration restrictions. Settled Status is part of the UK government’s EU Settlement Scheme, which was introduced to protect the rights of EU citizens and their family members residing in the UK after Brexit. Once granted Settled Status, individuals are granted the right to stay indefinitely in the UK and enjoy various benefits and services.

Corporate and Commercial solutions

Our services include advice on the following types of business transactions: Company formation Shareholders agreements Issuing shares and other corporate securities Sales and acquisitions of corporate securities Sales and acquisitions of business assets Secured and unsecured loans Service Agreements Employment contracts Intellectual property rights protection.

Edmans & Co is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) as Edmans Legal Ltd, registration number: 655188. We are regulated to advise clients on matters in all areas of UK law.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK is an immigration status that grants an individual the right to live and work in the country without any time restrictions. ILR is also known as settlement or permanent residency. It allows individuals to stay in the UK for an indefinite period and provides them with a wide range of benefits, such as access to public funds, healthcare, and education.

Dispute Resolution – Commercial Litigation

Our team of specialist Dispute Resolution lawyers strive to achieve results that exceed clients’ expectations through being accessible, efficient, responsive and technologically sophisticated. Most importantly, our aim is to deal with any dispute with our client’s best interest at heart. Our international multilingual lawyers regularly act in cross-border disputes and understand the specificity of different jurisdictions.

We are also regulated by the OISC through Edmans & Co Ltd, registration number: F201400938. We hold the highest regulation at level 3 in Immigration & Asylum, this allows us to deal with even the most complex immigration matters and even present our client in Immigration tribunals.

A spouse visa in the UK, also known as a spouse visa / partner visa, is a type of visa that allows an individual to join their spouse or partner who is a British citizen or settled person in the UK. This visa category falls under the Family route of the UK immigration system.

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