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The laser marking generation has been used increasingly in printing in recent years, and the laser marking procedure can be applied to a variety of materials, including plastic, rubber, metals, and silicon chips. Comparatively to mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, community printing and oil ink printing, laser marking is characterized by its low price and high flexibility, and it can be controlled using a computer system. The mark produced on work piece floor via way of means of laser is permanent. Currently, laser marking accounts for 90% of the market share in the marking printing industry, which could also be explained by the following ten advantages: check this website

1. Permanency:

Marks will now no longer be degraded because of the environmental factors (including contact, acid or alkaline gas, excessive or low temperature, etc.)

2. Anti-counterfeiting:

The marks engraved via way of means of laser marking generation can’t be cast or modified effortlessly with sturdy anti-counterfeiting to positive extent.

3. Non-contacting:

Laser marking on metalsis made via way of means of non-mechanical “picture graph knife” and staining may be made on any ordinary or abnormal floor. The marked work piece will now no longer produce inner stress, and the authentic precision of the work piece may be ensured. It neither corrodes running floor nor wear “reducing equipment” with none poison or pollution.

4. Broad application:

Processing way of laser may be relevant to the processing of numerous metallic and non-metallic materials (including aluminum, copper, and iron and timber products).

5. High engraving precision:

The articles engraved via way of means of laser marker are in exceptional and fashionable styles and the width of the smallest line can attain 0.04mm, with clear, lasting and fashionable marking. With laser marking, you can print a large amount of information on very small objects, for example, a two-dimensional code with extra specific requirements and better definition. By evaluating with impressing or spraying marking way, it has sturdy marketplace competitiveness.

6. Low operation price:

Marking pace is rapid and staining may be made for as soon as handiest however the operation price is pretty low. In spite of the bigger funding of the laser marking system than the conventional ones, the price of laser marker may be very lots decrease from the angle of operation costs


7. High processing efficiency

Laser beam managed via way of means of pc may be moved in excessive pace (the velocity as excessive as 5~7 m/s) and staining may be completed inside numerous seconds.

8. Fast improvement pace

With the mixture of laser and pc generation, the consumer can recognize laser printing output via way of means of programming via pc and might alternate the printing layout at any time, which update the conventional module production manner basically and presenting handy equipment for shortening improve cycle of product and bendy production.

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