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It is a fact that Novel Corona virus broke out unexpectedly and caught the world sectors unawares. COVID19 has affected almost every sector of world economies including the Business waste sector. It is imperative to note that the effect of COVID19 on waste management is both negative and positive. It is negative in the sense that the normalcy of handling waste has been rendered a risky affair.

In this regard, it used to be simple with little care but after the outbreak of the virus, things have been different, it is now an expensive activity to get rid of waste especially in a public place. COVID19 had a positive impact on waste management since more care has been introduced in waste removal.


1:Why the new look at waste management?


Considering the way COVID19 spreads, it is obvious that untreated and foetid surfaces are a potential spread of the virus; this calls for a better way of handling waste, hence an extra expense to the waste Business waste agents and producers of the waste. Indeed COVID19 is introducing a new look to the industry of waste management. Several changes have been made in waste management as a result of the pandemic.

2:COCID19 Universal Effects

As much as the changes are not uniform in all regions, the virus is not also selective on places you can contact it. It is of the essence to make sure that the changes are embraced to curb the further spread of the virus and save lives. Here are the most common eight reasons why it is true that the COVID19 pandemic has changed the waste management industry.

3:Waste management is in the frontline

Waste handlers employed in the waste collection companies like Skip Bag are indeed at a higher risk of contacting COVID19 since the waste carries anything from used masks, spits, and dirt that can pose a great danger to them. In this regard, they are in the frontline to eradicate the potential growth and spread surfaces making them vulnerable. It is for this reason that waste management becomes a perilous job demanding more care and professionalism.

4:It is a potential growth Area for the Virus

Waste management was an easy and less expensive affair and work to carry out. After the outbreak of COVID19, things have been different; this is a pandemic that has changed the global perception to waste. Waste and dirt go hand in hand in stopping its spread, at the same time it contributes to the breeding den of the virus. In this case, there is a need for better waste handling procedures hence impacting the waste experts of waste management directly or indirectly.

5:Frequent Emptying and Collection of Waste Collection Equipment

Since COVID19 came with its demands to eliminate it, there has been an increased need for professional methods of waste collection and reduction of waste at high rates. It is also for this reason that companies have to work round the clock to empty waste collection equipment frequently thereby increasing workloads to them. For instance, if a skip bag was being emptied after seven days, it becomes a new normal for them to empty them daily.

6:Increased costs of waste collection and Removal

Due to the need for a waste handler to be extra careful, there has been a need for better collection procedures. Before COVID19 came, waste was not an issue to stress, it was easily removed even with bare hands or contaminated machines.

Of late, every tool used to collect or remove rubbish should be sanitized before being stored or parked. Business waste is becoming an expensive activity especially for institutions that deal with COVID19 victims like hospitals and laboratories.

How the disposals have to be dumped is no longer business as usual, it needs proper disposal procedures. Consider used masks, needles, syringes, and PPEs, they require proper handling thereby becoming expensive to handle and train waste handlers specifically for the purpose.

7:Demand for cleaning services

Cleaning services are part of waste management and in the business waste sector. The best way to protect society and the community at large is to maintain high levels of cleanliness. It is more workload for waste managers during the COVID19 pandemic.

8:High turnover in waste management companies

Most people who used to work as waste removers ranging from drivers to machine operators are quitting the industry due to the risks involved. Due to the in and out of work voluntarily by the employees, high turnover is experienced with waste collecting and removing companies. However, this is not a problem with established companies including Skip Hire due to technology and the presence of skilled workers who know how to deal with waste professionally.

Other Reasons

Other reasons why you should not ignore the changes brought about by COVID19 to waste management is the increased Testing needs of personnel in the waste management industry and the need for educational awareness among waste handlers concerning the Novel corona virus.

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