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I see lots of people who asked that, what are the advantages of an electric jack hammer with or without cable?

Is it better to have an electric hammer with cable or battery? This is one of the main questions users of this type of tool ask. When choosing between the two types of electric hammer, you have to know which tasks you want to perform. Below is a list of the pros and cons of each type.

Is the battery hammer as powerful as the electric one? Is it worth it to rent a battery pack? These are questions that we constantly receive at Great. In this text we will clarify these doubts and explain the advantages and disadvantages of working with battery and electric powered machines.

Somewhere, this type of equipment is still new, but in other countries this is much more common than you might think. In recent years, manufacturers have perfected the technology and made battery-powered tools the best option most of the time.

Cons of electric hammer

1 – Mobility and practicality

The first disadvantage is the best known: battery powered hammer allow much greater mobility for the operator. You may think this is only useful for a large job, but even when working inside a home; it’s much easier and faster to work with equipment without having to change the plug. That does why electric hammer not good in front of battery hammer.

For this reason, battery hammer is best suited rather than electric hammer for work at heights, such as holes in a facade or roof. In addition, Battery-powered equipment may be used in places that do not have electricity. 

2 – Security

The handle of a tool can cause serious accidents when the operator is not careful. Imagine the example we gave of the service at a height, the cable can get tangled in someone or some material and cause the fall.

In addition, there is a danger of shock if the cable is broken or cut, or if the floor is damp. In large works, with many operators and tools, the cables are a risk factor, because in the middle of the movement it can go unnoticed, trip, pull or cut it and cause an accident.

3 – Power equal or greater

This is a disadvantage that leaves many people surprised! The battery powered equipment is of equal or greater power than the electric one. We tend to resist some technological innovations due to old beliefs, but the performance of battery hammer is amazing than electric jack hammer.

4 – More accurate rotation and speed

The rotation and speed of the machines to the battery is also more accurate. Another important point is that the tools are not subject to variations in electrical current and therefore have a more regular performance.

5 – Weight, size and technology

In general, the battery powered tool is lighter and smaller. Because they are newer models, this equipment’s are also more modern. But electric jack hammer is too weight and has big size than Battery hammer.

However, it is important to add one caveat to this: battery life can be reduced if the user does not take good care and does not follow the supplier’s instructions but electric hammer cant. Leaving the battery in the sun or heat, for example, greatly reduces the life of the equipment.


1 – suitable for intense and continuous work.

Despite all the advantages of the battery powered tool, there is a situation where electrical equipment performs much better: intense and continuous work such as grinding. 

But what does this mean and why does it happen? Have you noticed that your phone battery runs out much faster if you play games or watch videos? These are non-stop activities that demand a lot from the device. 

2 – High load able and power models

Battery-powered equipment has power similar to its counterparts. The battery hammer, for example, has the same power as the electric hammer. However, we do not yet have battery-powered models for heavy hammers, such as 20kg and 30kg but electric hammer has both.

3- Electric hammer does not necessary to charge the batteries

This may seem a little obvious, but it is important to emphasize it. The operator must prepare and charge the battery before service but electric hammer doesn’t need any charge and batteries. 

4 – Durability

The durability of the electric jack hammer is also better and the tool requires less maintenance.

Final words:

You may not know it, but the tool batteries charge very fast. In less than an hour they are ready for service. For all rentals they will provide an extra battery. When the service needs to be performed in places that do not have electricity, Optima recommend that the customer rent more batteries. They also have this option in their stores.

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