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Elizabeth Huberdeau All You Need to Know About the Ex-Wife of John Cena

Most of the people don’t know that Elizabeth Huberdeau is a real estate manager. The ex-wife of legendary wrestler John Cena, she has achieved worldwide fame. The marriage of Elizabeth Huberdeau to John Cena thrust her into the limelight. Let’s learn about the journey of Elizabeth Huberdeau from a manager to the ex-wife of John Cena.

About Elizabeth Huberdeau

About Elizabeth Huberdeau

Elizabeth Huberdeau comes from Newbury, Massachusetts USA. She was brought up in West Newbury with her two siblings. Her date of birth is 28 September 1978. As per the review of multiple websites, in 1996 she graduated from Central Catholic High School, which is located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and then joined her college and pursued the degree BA in business communication completed in 2000. After starting her career in the entertainment industry, she decided to focus on real estate.

Career of Elizabeth Huberdeau

In her early 20s, he tried to persuade her to a career in modeling. Later she found compatibility with real estate and became a manager. Elizabeth Huberdeau’s real estate business earned her a lot of money and a lot of prominence in the privileged American society. Among the most famous and high-ranking brokers in her city, she holds a high position she made significant real estate properties as well. 

Relationship between Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena met each other in high school. They dated for several years, John Cena proposed to Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009. When she was promoting his movie “12 Rounds”. They were married in the same year, but the relationship only lasted a couple of years.

In 2012, John filed for divorce citing disagreements over the remodeling of their new house. The dispute was related to a payment dispute with the contractor, who was owed around $110,000 by John. When they both were in a relationship they didn’t have a kid together. After getting divorced they both stayed as a friend. 

Later John Cena started dating female wrestler Nikki Bella back in 2012. In 2017 they both married and in 2018 again he lost his relationship with Nikki Bella as well.

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John Cena WWE Players

Real estate managers Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena were high school sweethearts who became married. In the race for their career and relationship, they both decided their way apart from each other. If we look at the career of John Cena,

John Cena made his life in wrestling. In WWE he made grand entries numerous times. He is one of the best and most entertaining players in WWE. With his legendary image of John Cena, he is world-known and the best player in WWE.

John Cena and Nikki Bella

In 2013, Bella moved into Cena’s house. They came together but only after she signed a 75-page agreement. It stated she would have to vacate the house immediately if they ever broke up. During her reality show “Total Bellas,” Bella was upset when she was referred to as a guest. Cena reportedly wrote that he wanted to avoid any misunderstandings as Bella moved in with him.

There was another statement shared by Nikki that John does not like to have kids. Nikki doesn’t want to live with a person with whom she cannot have kids. This information was covered by multiple platforms however there were not any specific comments by John Cena. 

Reasons Behind the Divorce of Elizabeth Huberdeau

The wife of legendary player John Cena’s ex-wife also known as Liz Cena. They both known each other since they were in college and after dating for a long time they both married. However, their marriage didn’t go so far, and soon their relationship ended in divorce.

There are multiple reasons behind the divorce of John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau. One of the most rummed reasons for their divorce was John’s infidelity. John is very open about his conflict with his wife. As per John the main reason for the end of their relationship was their argument which was the remodelling of their home. However, the media and the other reports don’t take it as a current and valid reason for their end of the relationship.

Some websites share that John as a wrestler has a lot of anger issues, and due to his anger issues their relationship ended as they began.

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The social profile of Elizabeth Huberdeau

She gained popularity when she married John Cena and has continued in the limelight since the relationship ended after one year of marriage. She decided to keep her life way too personal.

If we talk about the social engagement of Elizabeth Huberdeau it became zero after her divorce from John Cena. She was cut out of the mainstream media. Currently, she is not so active on her social media profile. There are some of the pictures on the internet of her multiple years back. 

Currently, there is no such account or social media profile that is identified as the official profile of Elizabeth Huberdeau.  

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth 

Elizabeth Huberdeau pursued her career as a real estate manager however, at the start of her career she started as an actress. As per the reference of multiple websites Elizabeth Huberdeau net worth is over 10 million dollars and she received $55 million as a settlement of her divorce from John Cena. Elizabeth Huberdeau currently resides in Florida, United States of America.

Summing Up 

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a real estate manager who started her career in the entertainment industry and later found her way into real estate. John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau know each other from school time. They dated each other for a long time and married as well. However, after marriage, they found their differences and later their relationship ended in a divorce which was very controversial news.

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