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Reading books is always considered a good habit. There are so many books in the world that can give you the knowledge, information, and lessons. In the 21st century, reading books is considered a great habit for adults as well as kids. People read books for themselves and they also read books to their children to increase their knowledge and their confidence.

Elliott Lipinsky Attorney New Book

Our brain cells remain stimulated by reading books and the knowledge we get by reading books sharpens our minds and thoughts. Good doctors recommend that parents should read stories and different books to their children even when they don’t understand much of it. Reading improves thinking and analyzing the abilities of the kids. As we know that reading books is considered an exercise for our brain, so it can also improve its functioning. Kids should have a good memory and focus on every kind of detail in their daily life and reading can help the kids in this matter.

Some advantages of Book reading:

Reading books can also enhance the writing, thinking, and understanding abilities. The kids who are used to reading books are always sharpers, healthier, and intelligent than kids who do not read books. That is the reason that most the doctors recommend that parents should ask their children to read books. Reading books allows the children in making good decisions. They try to compare theirs’ and any character’s situation from the book and they make a plan accordingly. So, reading good books to your children can make them think out of the box. Reading can also improve the vocabulary and knowledge of the grammar of your children.

Space pup introduction:

While keeping the importance of books in mind, Elliott Lipinsky has published one of the best books for kids called Space Pup. Stories that include aliens and dogs always fascinate children of all ages. This book is based on the story of a puppy who is stuck on the moon and he is waiting for help while he starts exploring the moon. 

Space pup is a comic book with simple and understandable grammar and images for children. If you are looking for a book that has adventures, lessons, and bravery for your children, you really should have Space Pup in your drawer. This book is perfect for your children to improve their knowledge of science, adventure, and commitments.

Details of the book:

This book is based on two characters, one is a little puppy that is stuck on the moon with cold and darkness and another character is the man named Commander Canon who began his mission to rescue his little friend. On this mission, commander Canon had to face so many difficulties and his plane also get severe damage but he did not give up. To know how he survived all that and how he rescued his little friend, you should read this book to your children.

Elliott Lipinsky has been working on this for 2 years and now he is very excited by the release of his book. He hopes that this book becomes a good source of entertainment, joy, knowledge, empowerment, and bravery for children. 

We cannot deny the fact that reading books to your children is very important. Reading activities are very helpful for your children to perform better and better in their daily life decisions and in their schools as well. We can make sure of this improvement by making sure that our children read enough books that can help them in their early ages. 

“If you want your children to grow intellectually, and sharp read them the fairy tales. If you want your children to be even more intelligent and sharp read them more fairy tales” – Albert Einstein

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