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With his thought-provoking stories and striking images, Azerbaijan, Lankaran born filmmaker, Elmar Bayramov has made a name for himself in the film industry. Over the course of a more than ten-year career, Bayramov has explored a wide range of genres, from thrilling action movies to socially conscious dramas, and has left a lasting impression on the business.

In 2012, Bayramov began his career as a filmmaker by taking on a video project that aimed to raise awareness of important societal concerns. His early pieces, such as Traffic, Save Ecology, and No Smoking, demonstrated his dedication to presenting stories with a cause. He developed his skills as a director of short films and commercials at the same time, which set the stage for his rise in the business. The year 2017 marked a turning point in Bayramov’s career when he debuted his first feature film, Don Marleone, which was filmed in all cinemas of Azerbaijan. Not only did this film exhibit his directing abilities, but it also received widespread praise and won him his first prize in New York the following year.

But Bayramov’s short film endeavors were what really brought him to the public’s attention. At the Urban Action Showcase International Film Festival, his film Oops was recognized and won the coveted “Best Fight Scene” prize. After this initial triumph, he received numerous awards in 2019 for his movie Let me run, it secured victories in 15 different nominations, including best director, best screenplay, and best short film.

One of Bayramov’s most notable projects, a moving psychological drama Breath (2023), depicts the post-war trauma suffered by Bakhtiyar, a former prisoner who was imprisoned from 1994 to 1996. After 28 years of enemy occupation, Bakhtiyar returns to his village and struggles to overcome the psychological wounds from his imprisonment. He finds comfort in the natural world, telling the rain, snow, trees, and stones about his story. The enduring effects of trauma are shown by Bakhtiyar’s difficulties readjusting to normal life and forming relationships with people, even after Hamlet has been freed. Elmar Bayramov has played a vital role in the creation of this masterpiece as a magnificent director of this film, which explores the catastrophic psychological impacts of war and captivity and emphasizes the value of compassion and support for survivors.

Behind the scenes, Bayramov wears many hats, working on different projects as an executive producer, producer, co-producer, and writer. His versatility and hands-on style highlight his commitment to all aspects of filmmaking, making sure that his unique mark is evident in every project.

Along with his endeavors in film, Bayramov is the proprietor of Old Stone Films, a full-service American film production firm. Old Stone Films was established in 2018 and has a wide range of work under its banner, including feature films, commercials, short films, documentaries, animation films, and digital videos. The company, led by Bayramov, has become a global leader in innovation and quality, producing stories that captivate audiences all over the world.

Bayramov’s adventure extends beyond the world of cinema. Before he went into film, he was a major player in the sports world. He presided over the Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation for about ten years. He has a distinct viewpoint that he brings to life in his on-screen storylines thanks to his varied experiences. In recognition of his ability and commitment, Bayramov has won multiple honors and awards from esteemed organizations including the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Baku International Short Film Festival, and Action on Film Mega Fest 16th/17th Annual Film Festival and Writers’ Competition 2020/2021, among others. His steadfast dedication to quality and creativity in filmmaking is demonstrated by these honors.

Looking ahead, Elmar Bayramov’s cinematic odyssey shows no signs of slowing down. With a slew of projects in the pipeline, including, Mo Better, Rhythm of the God, American Quarantine, audiences can expect to be enthralled by his captivating storytelling and cinematic flair for years to come. As he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and inspire audiences worldwide, Elmar Bayramov stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of filmmaking.

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