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The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on us all; it has tested our physical and mental willpower to do even the most common things. Additionally, the stigma that still surrounds mental health has caused many people to revert internally about their feelings. This gave best-selling author and branding guru Elvira Guzman the idea to use her personal experiences to write a children’s book to help lower child & teen suicide rates.

The Day You Left touches on the fact that suicide rates amongst children & young teens have risen 80%. Guzman wanted to use the knowledge of overcoming that obstacle to help kids who are or have been in the same dark place she was, go back to a lighter path. It is a book for children/adolescents who have lost a parent or family member in their life and need a little encouragement to pick themselves up. It is intended to remind the reader of who they are within and motivate them to live happily.

According to Guzman, she was inspired to write the book to voice out the negative impact of fatherlessness, which has been prevalent in minority communities and is an issue that she could relate to after having both her parents imprisoned only 14 years old. In an interview done with Loop News Jamaica, Guzman states
“I feel it’s important that children read my book because growing up broken is not a way to live life. Not only do we not experience joy, but we do not grow up in the ways that are necessary to fulfill our purpose in life.”

Guzman is no stranger to the world of entertainment, having worked for comedian, actor, radio host, and author Steve Harvey as an Executive Producer, Web Developer, PR & Branding Director, among other titles. Her experience in the industry and her ability to create content give her a leg to create unique and creative stories to help the world. Since then, she has not only written four dual-language books, but she has also gone on to start her own PR company at the age of 23. Elvie G PR was named the fastest growing PR firm in Hollywood by Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Urban Influence Magazine after grossing over $300,000 in the first year. Through that success, she opened a branding company, Dot Connect Corp, the following year.

Her new book is currently available online at

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About Elvira Guzman

Elvira Guzman is a Mexican-American best-selling author and branding guru who has worked with many individuals in Hollywood. Through her companies, Elvie G PR and Dot Connect Corp, she has helped companies and entrepreneurs with their PR and branding needs. She is also a speaker, television host, and author of “Purpose: Awaken and Succeed,” “Your Blue Print,” and “How to Awaken and Stay Awake: A Guide to Unlocking Your Divine Power Within.”

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