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Employee Appreciation Ideas by Au Chat Kwan

According to a recent World At Work survey, 88 percent of businesses have a staff recognition programme in place. These programs can range from Employee of the Month schemes to more modest rewards like bonuses or gift cards. However, many are beginning to think that these more conventional employee appreciation approaches are boring and uninteresting. The correct kinds of employee appreciation activities and programmes can raise output, foster more teamwork among employees, and aid in the retention of top personnel.

keep reading this article to learn some employee appreciation ideas by Au Chat Kwan 

1. Hold a lunchtime drawing to promote peer acceptance.

It should be remembered that not all praise comes from the highest levels. In actuality, peer-to-peer recognition is 35% more likely to improve the employee experience than acknowledgment from a manager alone. Employee happiness is boosted through recognition at the level of the individual employee. Put your employee’s name in a hat whenever they acknowledge one of their co-workers, if you have a peer-to-peer recognition scheme in place. The more compliments they send, the more likely it is that their name will be chosen. Draw two names from a hat at the conclusion of the week.

2. Highlight your top workers on social media

Use the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to publicly thank your staff members. A fantastic way to express your pride in your staff is through social appreciation. Additionally, by making your culture and values visible to the public, it contributes to the development of your employer brand. When an employee receives praise, they are more likely to share it with their followers on social media, helping to build brand ambassadors for your business. When thanking staff on social media, be sure to include information on who they are, what they do, why they deserve it, and how it affects the business. Make sure your staff is informed of your plans and is at ease with being honoured publicly.

3. Celebrate the birthdays of employees

Allowing workers to have the day off and do as they wish on their birthdays is one way to celebrate them. There is still cause for celebration, even if this is not now the company policy. Don’t pass up the chance to express your gratitude for their contribution to the success of your team and the importance of their presence. An employee’s desk can be decorated with a unique theme, such as their favourite TV show, sports team, or nation, or their favourite dessert can be served, to make a birthday celebration more special.

4. Provide an off-site day to honour hard effort.

Sometimes all a team needs to increase engagement and productivity is a little change of environment. Plan a day away from the office at a café, library, or other secure venue that will work for your team. Informing staff members of their acknowledgment or appreciation is a crucial component of effective employee recognition. Make sure you understand the focus in the event of an off-site day. If you have new team members or a significant project coming up an off-site is a good approach to recognise their outstanding performance thus far and mark the halfway point.

5. Award workers with a rotating trophy.

Find a humorous award, plush toy, or figurine that you can show off around the office. Give it to a staff member who has demonstrated one of your company’s principles, and allow them to keep it on their desk for a week. Include a statement with the trophy outlining its significance and the organisational value the recipient demonstrated to obtain it. Make sure their colleagues are aware of the reason they received it, too!

Allow that employee to follow a similar process at the next team meeting or the following month before giving the award to the subsequent deserving candidate. By focusing on it constantly, this is a terrific way to create a culture of recognition.

6. Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 

Every year on the first Friday in March, National Employee Appreciation Day is observed. It’s the ideal opportunity to express how much you value your employees. When planning a formal employee appreciation day at work, you might think about thanking employees for their years of service or significant accomplishments for the year. A weeklong celebration with food, team-building exercises, competitions, and wellness activities can also be included in the event. Think about chair massages, a dress for the decade day with a prize for the best dressed, gaming day, or a huge cake waiting for them in the break room as ideas for each day of the week. Even a food truck can be rented out for the day. Your team will love it.

7. Encourage staff to celebrate daily accomplishments.

Starting each meeting with team wins is a good approach to integrate appreciation into your company’s culture. Encourage staff members to highlight any significant accomplishments at the start of meetings, such as landing a major account or launching a new product. Permit them to acknowledge others as well. Thanking team members for their assistance will go a long way. Post victories to your intranet, newsletter, or internal Slack channel. It’s a fantastic opportunity for workers to recognise their own accomplishments in front of their peers. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to express gratitude to the people who made their accomplishments possible.

Au chat Kwan as an HR manager

It’s never simple to manage people. Power struggles, charges of corruption, and similar issues are constant. Au Chat Kwan, as an HR manager, confronts these difficulties, head-on in order to foster a supportive environment for his employees.

Empathy is somewhat of a necessity for the work of Au Chat Kwan. He would recall significant occurrences in the life of a colleague in order to fully comprehend the condition of his fellow man. He would go above and beyond to perform even small deeds like wishing someone a happy birthday or comforting mourning coworkers.Many of them feel safe releasing their burdens since they know Au Chat Kwan only has their best interests in mind after years of getting to know their coworkers.

Through years of experience, Au Chat Kwan has learned how to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff. He prepares a number of questions and asks candidates questions about actual situations to see what they value as a person. He gives each applicant a fair chance to demonstrate their value because these questions are constantly changing

The process of hiring new personnel is just the beginning of an HR manager’s duties. The job scope also includes an important component for cultivating and enhancing employee life.Au Chat Kwan closely monitors professional advancement and offers possibilities for growth in order to avoid the organisation becoming stagnant. This could take the form of suggestions for senior management or even training courses to improve their skill set. Ultimately, Au Chat Kwan’s ability to connect with people and his compassion are what allow him to carry out his responsibilities well.To learn more visit, Au Chat Kwan as an HR manager.

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