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Do you believe strongly in the power you hold as an Entrepreneur? What do you require to predict the success of your business enterprise?  We have seen numerous articles on the external factors influencing the success of a business. Today it is all about your internal belief system and how that can be used to drive you to succeed.

The best tool to understand how well you have trained your mind to focus on success is to conduct a thorough emotional SWOT analysis.  You should understand the factors that trigger stress, uncertainty as well as what gives you the drive to wake up every morning and tackle business deals.

Secret Formulas That Empower You As An Entrepreneur

First and foremost, an entrepreneur should be committed to the idea that he /she is in charge. You decide where and how you are taking your organisation towards its goals. Being invested wholly in the progress of a business is not a small deal. Personal growth and business development, both do not occur by accident. They should be intentional and most importantly, both require your time, commitment and a sound business mind. 

Given below are the most practical, never-to-fail formulas any entrepreneur should imbibe to empower his/her mind to think like a powerful business tycoon.

Self-Analysis & Scrutiny Leads To Emotional Intelligence

Self-Analysis is a complete introspection within yourself. You need to analyse your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Examine them with utmost honesty and scrutinise each aspect to know how you can achieve a mindset conducive to functioning under any circumstance. 

Both these factors combined will lead you to attain a stable quotient of emotional intelligence. When emotionally balanced, you will be able to eradicate immature emotions that stand in the way of your optimal decision-making skills.

Dedication & Commitment Leads To Focussed Progress

The dedication to eliminating any kind of distraction and the commitment to emphasise what needs to be done- This dynamic blend can open doors of exciting business opportunities. Being observant of your intentions and staying pledged to your strategies heighten the chances of your progress.  

Distractions do not have a place in your progressive thoughts. Focus on your goal, no matter what the path of resistance has to offer. You can overcome any obstacle by training your mind to find opportunities amongst hurdles that come your way.

Loyalty & Professionalism Leads To Good Will

Being loyal to your word is a symbol of your honesty. Integrity has always been a businessman’s strongest value. Doing and delivering what you said you would- This is not to be taken lightly in any industry. Giving out false information is highly unprofessional and will affect your reputation.

 Live up to the impression you impart to others. Every business has its ups and downs. Being honest about your situation and being loyal to those who are concerned will boost the level of faith your investors, partners and customers have in you. These factors are highly responsible for the goodwill and respect you earn in society.

Planning & Strategy Results In Solutions

The importance of planning in business cannot be stressed enough. Like we said earlier, progress is never accidental, be it in your personal life or professional deals.

Proper planning and effective strategic thinking with backup ensure you have a calm mind. And a calm mind is what you need the most when looking for solutions. Being desperate makes people irrational and destroys their calm. It leads to disastrous effects while taking critical business decisions. So, plan and devise an optimal strategy to obtain the best solutions.

Mindfulness & Action Enhances Confidence 

Being mindful is a secret weapon and a much-needed one for any business owner. Your mind has to be poised and though multi-tasking sounds effective, it is actually the opposite. Our minds slip through various tasks while multitasking, resulting in decreasing our productivity and lowering mental strength. So, practice mindfulness in everything you do. Focus on the task at hand and complete it with perfection.

 Take action to go through what you have planned and give your complete attention to even the minute details of your plan. Once this is done, you will know how to proceed without neglecting any sector of the business. The attention you give to this present moment determines what your future moments will look like. So be attentive to NOW.

People Skills & Subject Matter Expertise Mark Good Leadership

Even the most successful business tycoon cannot exist without his team on his side. Your employees are your true assets. Treat them like your most cherished assets for it is when they work together in harmony and satisfaction, that results appear. People skills are a must-have trait of any effective leader.

 Bringing your team together, developing beneficial relations and instilling a sense of being appreciated within the team can cause wonders in their performance. Value your employees and encourage them to shine.

 Along with that, do not forget to brush up your knowledge in the business intricacies. Be the subject matter expertise your employees look up to.  A knowledgeable leader earns the respect of his colleagues. Keep yourself updated on the business transactions, begin at the basics and dig deep into the complexities of every business aspect. Know your business inside out and keep your people together. That’s what makes a great leader.

Summarised Table of Power Formulas for Guaranteed Success 

Factor 1 Factor 2 Result
Self-Analysis plus Scrutiny Equals Emotional Intelligence
Dedication plus Commitment Equals Focussed Progress
Loyalty plus Professionalism Equals Good Will
Planning plus Strategy Equals Solutions
Mindfulness plus Action Equals Confidence
People skills plus Subject Matter Equals Good Leadership
Grand Total Empowered Success


Your Mind Is A Powerful Magnet Of Success

Once you are aware of the power vested in your mind, you can achieve anything. You are a powerful magnet and attract success. Your thoughts will enable you to be brave to embrace being unique and different from normal entrepreneurs. Your ideas will evolve radically and you will be able to reason through both positive as well as a negative situations, which in turn leads to strategic decisions required to achieve the unattainable.  


Focus, adopt the new way of thinking and most significantly, spend time alone analysing your inner self. That’s where your true power lays and that’s how you unleash unlimited success.

Author Bio 

Arvind Patil is the Business Head at Selectra India, a telecom comparison and subscription provider to manage and save bills. He enjoys helping and advancing online businesses with creative strategies that connect brands with their target audience. When he is not busy analyzing digital trends, he prefers travelling.

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