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Snapchat seems to be a good match for immediate and seasonal content such as events that make you want to “see” such things, behind-the-scenes shooting, and new product information before the announcement. Now that “Snapchat” has become a single platform, the next step is to develop the advertising and commerce market.

Snapchat aims to create a market from a new perspective, centering on experiences that can be enjoyed only by “Snapchat,” which is not found in competing apps. Facebook and Instagram are already monetizing their advertising content posts. But Snap is trying to develop its advertising strategy by making good use of both offline and online channels.

In addition, entering the ecommerce market using Augmented Reality technology is an exciting initiative that has not yet been seen in other companies’ services. This chapter would like to explain how to engage with your customers using Snapchat AR lenses & lens studio.

Whether you want to experience the best Augmented Reality technology, discover examples or learn how to create your branded AR content & Snaplenses, Catchar is the most appropriate platform for you.

Catchar is the world’s largest Augmented Reality marketplace & provider that showcases AR solutions and products for businesses and brands. Here, you can hire professional developers and studios, collaborate online, and pay securely on the website. Founded in early 2018 by Dan Zaitsev, Catchar helps thousands of developers and businesses to get and discover the best AR content, use cases and key studies.

What is the Purpose of Snapchat AR Lenses & Lens Studio? 

Recently, Worldwide Snap has updated Lens Studio, a platform that supports creators who develop Augmented Reality lenses. With the renewal of this free desktop app, “Lens Studio”, anyone can create new Augmented Reality lenses. Six new templates and 14 more “land markers” have been added to accommodate various creators, from 3D illustrators to experienced developers.

Indeed, Snapchat are camera apps that process they face when shooting. In the past, photos and videos had to be processed using editing tools after shooting. However, with the camera app that utilizes AR, you can shoot while checking the already processed state on your smartphone’s screen in real-time.

Since it has already been synthesized at the time of the shooting, it is possible to take the video as it is. In addition, there are a wide variety of processing types, and unique processing patterns are updated one after another, so you will never get tired of it, and it is popular mainly among young people.

How Augmented Reality lenses by Snapchat help businesses and brands?

Improving Brand Loyalty: 

Snapchat AR Lenses create a direct customer engagement. These Augmented Reality marketing strategies improve brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Even more, Using Snapchat Lenses & Lens Studio is an effective to active social media profiles. As a result, this augmented reality technology enables better communication with existing and potential customers, and these platforms enable businesses to provide customers with quick responses and personal messages.

Brand Awareness:

If you are now looking for the best technology to increase your brand awareness, you must use the augmented reality technology. One of the remarkable Augmented reality technology is that using Snapchat AR lenses.

Online marketing through Snapchat lenses & lens studios enhances brand awareness by providing the opportunity to network directly with customers. By spending hours a week on online engagement, you can improve your brand image and name recognition.

Increased Site Traffic: 

Nowadays, using Snapchat AR lenses is one of the most eye-catching ideas for social media marketing. Using Augmented Reality technology for internet marketing can increase inbound traffic and share content on social media platforms, increasing the likelihood that customers will visit your company’s website.


Doing advertisement by using Snapchat lenses & lens studios is a cost-effective marketing strategy. This augmented reality technology allows you to create the most effective marketing profile for your brand. Businesses can reach more customers organically and grow conversion rates without spending on marketing campaigns.

Improving SEO Rankings:

Using Snapchat AR lenses & Lens Studios has a significant impact on search engines. Also, vital social media on some platforms leads to better search engine optimization rankings and organic websites. Traffic will increase.

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