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An engagement ring not just symbolises your love and commitment, but also the beginning of taking your relationship one step forward. In the future, years after you have been together, you and your partners should be able to look back at this symbol of love with pride and adoration. If buying an engagement ring is the first time you are going to buy jewellery, here are a few tips to make this less overwhelming and more fruitful for you.

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Engagement Rings buying Tips for you:

  • Set a budget

Buying the best diamond engagement ring does not mean that you willingly run into debt. Have a budget in place and then look for the best options within that range. A partner with debts to pay isn’t what your fiancee will want. So, it’s wise to not get carried away by emotions or get under any pressure to maintain prestige while buying an engagement ring.

  • Know your partner’s preferences

Now, if you are planning a surprise, you need to know your partner’s style and the size that fits him or her. Let’s begin with his or her style. Notice the type of ring he or she wears, for example, big glitzy rings or simple, understated pieces. Alternatively, perhaps, instead of diamond, he or she might have a preference for a gold engagement ring, or even the one made using silver or any other precious metal. Some like their rings studded with a one single large-cut piece of diamond, while others may like small diamonds encrusted on it. So, notice what he or she likes, and then proceed to buy a ring.

  • Decide a Size

The best way to get a perfectly-sized engagement ring for your partner is by having the jeweller replicate the size of a ring which they already wear, or used to wear. Now, you may have to bring your espionage skills into play here. Get your hands on any ring which they already have, take, it, and give it to your jeweller to note the size required. To maintain the clandestine nature of your engagement proposal intact, ensure to get all this done without your partner getting a hint.

  • Get Quality Certificates

While diamond engagement rings should be bought after checking the 4 Cs, i.e. cut carat, colour, and clarity. This grading system was developed by Gemological Institute of America in the 1950s and has been used to assess the purity of diamonds since then. A thorough reading on this on GIA’s website is recommended before you head to buy a diamond ring. There are other grading systems too, such as those developed by the IGI, EGL, GSI etc. , but GIA’s is the most trusted, consistent, and well-known diamond grading certifications of all.

  • Get Insurance

An engagement ring is both a financial and an emotional investment; hence it is a good idea to have it insured in case it ever gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Your jeweller should be able to provide you with insurance at the time of purchase or connect you to reputed insurance companies.

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