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Enjoy hot and fresh NDIS Meals in the comfort of your home

The NDIS(national disability insurance scheme) was introduced across all the states and territories of Australia in July 2016 after numerous successful trials. The scheme supports individuals with physical, psychological, intellectual, cognitive, and sensory disabilities or children with developmental delay. People born with significant disabilities or acquire them get the essential support they need from NDIS to improve their skills and independence with time. Along with supporting other phases of life, NDIS meal providers serve hot and nutritious food to differently-abled people. 

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Who can register for the NDIS? 

The NDIS meals are available for permanent residents and special category visa holders of Australia aging between 7 to 65 who suffer from a permanent or significant disability. A permanent or significant disability implies that you are dependent on another person to carry out your daily activities or use special equipment, requiring support to reduce your future dependency.

How can you apply for NDIS meals?

If you believe that you are eligible to receive the benefits of NDIS, visit the NDIS website to make a phone call to NDIA. After confirming your identity, you will be questioned regarding the verification of your residency and eligibility. Additional you may also be asked to provide:

  1. The evidence of your disability through documents
  2. Impacts of your disability on different areas of your life 
  3. Description of past treatments and outcomes along with the date of diagnosis.
  4. future options of treatment and expected outcomes

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If your application gets successfully accepted by NDIA, you get to attend a planning meeting to discuss your future needs and goals. Do not forget to carry along any relevant reports or prescriptions of your physician to this meeting to have the right plan made for you. Lastly, the NDIA processes and approves your plan, and you will get notified after the completion of the process. 

How can NDIS meal providers register with NDIS Commission?

1. To register as an NDIS meal provider, you have to complete an online application form. After which you are required to provide your organization’s contact detail, corporate structure, operational outlets, and your key personnel.

2. Select which NDIS practice standards applied to your organization and provide relevant information. Complete the required self-assessments relevant to the services your organization delivers along with submitting the associated documents required as evidence.

3. As an NDIS applicant, you must engage an approved quality auditor to undertake the audit. The auditor and sure if you are fit to provide the required meal plan delivery and other services to differently-abled people by following all the rules and regulations. You may discuss the specific requirements with the auditor to negotiate the best value.

4. After completing the auditing process, the auditor submits the results of their audit to the NDIS commission through an online portal.

5. The NDIS Commission assesses your reports and makes a decision.

6. Successful applicants receive a certificate of registration that outlines the specific services and support you are adjusted to provide and additional conditions you must abide by.

Register to NDIS meals to get nutritious food served at your doorsteps!

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