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Have you ever wondered how search engine produce results with just one word and shows you all these relevant information? I bet you have tried searching for unfamiliar words such as “cost segregation calculator” or “federal income tax” in Google to satisfy your craving for knowledge after hearing it from a telemarketer of a real estate agency. Or perhaps, have accidentally clicked an advertisement that suddenly pops up after visiting few pages in the web, and leads you to a new tab containing with an article with a title “Top MSL Resume Templates and Examples”. Though, it can be annoying at times, more or less this is made possible by “digital marketing”.


Digital marketing

In order to become a digital marketing savvy, one must understand what it is about. The use of electronic devices as a means of promoting a brand and marketing campaigns is called digital marketing. Another name for digital marketing is online marketing – and probably people are more intimately familiar than this compared to the former term. Products and advertisements that appear in your computer, phone, tablets, display ads, social ads, and electronic billboards are a product of digital marketing developed by marketing specialists. What’s good about this emerging marketing strategy, is that it can be done both online and offline making it a well-rounded approach. With the development of this new type of marketing, businesses can now utilize a lot of channels such as social media, emails, mobile apps, and paid banners to advertise their products and services, reaching every corner of the world in a span of hours only.  Taking advantage of the era of technologies, promoting worldwide without having so much influence and solid foundation is no longer a pipe dream.


Inbound vs Digital

 Most people are easily confused with inbound marketing and digital marketing and use it interchangeably. Albeit both are having the word marketing, it is no doubt that both terms have distinction from each other.

As mentioned above, digital marketing is the way in promoting brands and connecting to potential customers with the use of internet and other digital communication forms. Digital marketing ponders on how each individual tool can convert their prospects and lead into profit. As a promoting strategy, marketing specialist make use of every available digital tools out there and utilize multiple platforms to build their presence. Example of this is employing a SEO campaign management to boost and optimize your website ranking in search engines and generate more traffic.

On the flipside, inbound marketing considers firsts the company’s goal then followed by choosing what available tools to be used to effectively reach your target prospects and efferently converts them into your regular patrons.

If you are asking which of the two is better? Then, the answer would be both. Professional in this line of work does not really sticks to one method only, but rather choose to employ both methods simultaneously to produce the maximum result in their endeavor as these two have a strong synergism when working together.


Why does it matter?

Now that we are done laying out the definition of digital marketing, you might be wondering what’s so good about it that everybody is too enraptured in using it. Well, it is one of the clever schemes of entrepreneurs in establishing their presence and reaching out to every individual seeking their services and products. Gone are the days of using the traditional printed flyers, renting out a section of a newspaper, and advertising through pamphlets. The popularity of technology can’t be taken too lightly as almost every human being in the world have at least one technology in their possession and are practically around the clock surfing the net.

If you take a closer look, humans preferred staying in the virtual world, and using these digitals will surely do you good in the long run. If you have been in the New York Times or passed by the famous intersection in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, then maybe you have seen the gigantic LED screens placed there showing several advertisements that attract passing residents and passengers stuck in the traffic. Using only one monitor and placing it in a strategic location, marketing professionals are able to attract hundreds and thousands of individuals to look at their brand at capture their interest in a split second. Not only, they have reached a wide range of audience, it is more cost efficient, and effective.

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