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Eric Emanuel Shorts The King of Shorts in New York for Summer Clothes

We as human beings have evolved so much from ancient times when we were just thinking about food, clothes, and shelter. Some people don’t even know now about that time when people used to live and how they used to find food, how they used to make a home, and how they came to the point of starting to live as a family. These are all fascinating questions a human mind can think of and spend their time questioning their identity.

But here we are talking about the mentality of thinking whereas we think about the clothes mainly. How have we come to the point where we are changing clothes according to fashion first and weather later? We’re talking about shorts here which we wear during summer and relax at home or just go to the grocery market, gyms while playing physical games, and so on.

How did we start wearing shorts? Which is the best company in the market that makes the best shorts? All answers to your questions are here.

What is Eric Emanuel Shorts? How did it start?

Eric Emanuel, the founder of Eric Emanuel Short, has a very distinct background, he is from Syracuse, New York State and he currently lives in the Garment District of New York City which is not too far from his factory. He came to this city around 11 or 12 years ago and joined the FIT as a marketing specialist, overseeing the marketing of products including clothes.

What is Eric Emanuel Shorts How did it start

Thereafter he decided to start his clothing brand majorly in Shorts because of being a fitness enthusiast, it was a million-dollar idea for him and the passion he had was very strong. He started this factory on his credit card, yes it is a fascinating story, what he used to do, he used to make some clothes based on the credit card purchase of thread and all the payments he had to make initially. 

Eric Emanuel Shorts Credit Card Story

When the time came for the payback and bill of the credit card, he had already sold some men’s Eric Emanuel shorts by himself going to the clothes stores and big malls, gathering all the money, and paying back the bill on the credit card. He was enjoying that process. Hectic for some time, but he didn’t complain at all because he always wanted to do this hustle to not get into a typical corporate 9 to 5 job since childhood.

Eric Emanuel Shorts Credit Card Story

He had always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and he has done it in a big possible way. Hats off to him for taking risks and keeping the confidence in his abilities. The story of making shorts began around six years ago and he started making initially heavier basketball shorts because he wasn’t happy with Mitchell & Ness basketball shorts, he used to think that they had too many big waistbands and weren’t good in weight either.

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Opportunity of Great Eric Emanuel Shorts in the Market

He saw an opportunity there and thought of making a short which is of one single color that would be medium weight, more likely what he used to wear in his high school days, a basic short with a single layer. He didn’t want to overdo the design because he learned in the marketing days that consumers like the simplicity and quality of the clothes more than the design and the reasonable price.

He didn’t find much success earlier but during the lockdown when he started promoting his brand more on Instagram, only then he got the attraction of the common people and they tried firstly because they couldn’t be able to go the supermarket to buy any clothes including shorts and they liked the product because of the quality and simplicity and he got the publicity through word of mouth of the consumers. 

The Friday Madness in Eric Emanuel Shorts

There is madness every Friday when Emanuel releases new shorts on the site. The most amazing fact is that in even a second of going notifications to the customers, they are sold out because he has made a base of followers on Instagram. He has an ample amount of sportswear including other products like hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, and thermals for the winter.

But their major product is still short because of the quality and the simplicity consisting of solid colors and printed ones. His daily office uniform is so casual and comfy that he wears his shorts, a vintage tee, and the most fitted Yankees with loafers and sneakers that match the color of either the shorts or tee.

He has been frustrated by the selling out in a minute because some regular customers couldn’t get what they wanted and they have already sold out, after that, they complained in his DMs that he should make more products in larger amounts. He is setting up more factories and hiring more people to make more shorts so basically, he is expanding in great amounts and will be a billion-dollar company in a few years.

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Why are Eric Emanuel shorts so expensive?

He is selling mostly shorts for 100 dollars which is so hefty amount considering a short but he has justified on various occasions that considering the products are made in New York and the quality, he said that he would have kept the price around 150 to 160 dollars if he would have gone to retail because he sells directly to the customers, he can sell around the 100 dollars mark and that is so justifiable price.

The most sellable shorts in the color category are black Eric Emanuel shorts because of the solid color and the impression it gives a mature person because considering it is an elegant color in the market and the human mind thinks.

To Sum Up

Eric Emanuel Shorts have been the perfect shorts if you want to consider the shorts that have the best quality clothes and a simple design at a reasonable price according to the New York price range and people earning in the city. That’s it for now in this article, you can read more articles regarding tech, fashion, business, news, entertainment, sports, online games, and social media on the site.

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