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Have you ever been to an escape room in Walnut Creek ? Maybe your friends have been going on and on about their unforgettable experience in an escape room and you think  perhaps, they overstated their experience in the escape room.

Well, they probably didn’t even tell you everything they experienced because there is always more to escape rooms than what you hear.

Although, Walnut Creek remains one of the best places to live. However, you are most likely not living yours to the fullest if you are yet to visit an escape room in walnut creek. Without much ado let’s dive right into what all the fuss made by your friends on their escape room experience is all about.


An escape room is a themed room where a group of people finds clues, solves puzzles, explore hidden spaces, and complete tasks within a given time frame, usually 60 minutes.

The goal is for the players to leave the room within the time frame, but if due to one reason or the other, you and your team couldn’t complete the task within the given time limit, you would be walking out with an unforgettable experience that would leave you coming back for more.


Playing an escape room game is pretty much simple, you will be presented with various themes and storylines and you are free to choose one that most excites you but it is important that you put into consideration the suitability of your team members for your selected theme.

Regardless of the theme you choose, the goal still remains the same — get out of the room within the stipulated time frame, usually 60 minutes.


Beyond the thrill you will experience in an escape room, there are other attached benefits to playing this game.


  1. Great for team building: if you want to emerge victorious, you must strive to find connections between the various clues that you discover in the escape room, this requires that you and your team members collaborate and communicate frequently in order to proffer solutions for solving the challenge.
  2.  Improves Mental Capacity: escape room adventures plays important roles in improving the mental retention capacity. Sometimes you will need to recall past information or clues in order to solve the puzzles, while other times you need to think outside the box to discover some other clues that are hidden in the last expected places.
  3. Create unforgettable experiences: Your adrenaline would rush out as you aim at beating the challenge within the time frame given. You would later on in life relish the good and trying moments you faced in the escape room with smiles spread on your face.
  4. It improves time management skills : immediately you step inside the escape room, your time begins to tick!

This puts your mind and brain to work faster in a much more creative way if you are to complete the task and this has been found to have positive impacts on your ability to get things done correctly while under pressure.

Are you still yet to get your first ever escape room experience,  try it out and you always want to go back for more.  It’s both fun and educating!

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