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You can take your English lessons to the next level with unique lesson plans. To the level that will satisfy both you and your adult learners. Open yourself up to new challenges with English4tutors!

Ideas and inspiration in one place

Do you know why teachers and tutors love us? For the power of inspiration, facts and creativity in one place! In addition, we try to create our plans in such a way that they are interesting for the majority of people so that every learner can find something for themselves. An additional convenience is the ease of search. Just select the category you are interested in and a variety of ESL lesson plans will be displayed. You’ve already chosen a topic, and this is certainly an important step in the work of every teacher. You know perfectly well that nothing will be done by itself in your work. Thanks to the ready-made lesson plan, you will not only have an idea of the topic but you will also immediately have a prepared structure of lessons with an indication of the competence to be developed and the proposed material.

Speed up your work

If you choose ESL lesson plans, you will receive not only a ready-made lesson plan but also specific materials to use. You dont have to look for them in various places and waste your professional time on it. First of all, look at what level the lesson plan is for. Take a quick look at the duration of the lessons. Then take a look at our thematic categories. Choose the one you need. If you are undecided, it’s only at this stage that you can choose a specific topic. Then take a look at the plan, see what methods and what kind of materials it suggests. All this is enough to answer the question: „Is this what my students need?”. You can see how simple it is, but above all how quick! Remember that the currency in your work is time. Spend it teaching new groups and/or use it for personal development.

Advantages of ESL lesson plans

We’ve presented many advantages above but feel free to add more to this list. Our ESL lesson plans are carefully created to such an extent that its safe to say they have everything you need to encourage your learners. Why else should you reach for lesson plans from English4tutors? Here are the other advantages of our lesson plans:

  • Visually attractive interactive materials: slides, infographics and graphics
  • Large variety of topics while matching the level and purpose of the lessons
  • Very clear structure and factual content
  • Now all you have to do is test our lesson plans yourself!

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