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Window tinting for your car will protect the interior of your vehicle and also enhance the appearance. There are many different types of windows tinting available that are made from different types of material. Some of the common types of window tints include carbon tint, carbon XP tint, window graphics, stickers or decals and ceramic

Window tint offers a high level of protection from the UV rays and helps prevent a vehicle from getting hot. Depending on the effectiveness of window tint, protection against the intense sunlight can be either high or low. It also prevents the glare from the sun and provides thermal insulation reducing the stress on a vehicle’s air conditioning unit. It is also very useful in increasing the aesthetic value of the vehicle.

This article provides essential information about windows tinting and is a must-read prior to deciding on window tinting for cars.  

The Law Pertaining to Car Windows Tinting

Window tinting San Diego is legal in the USA in general however the rules do vary in each state. The rules & regulations in each state define the level of darkness allowed on the window and the level of reflection. The rules are defined using a factor called the VLT which is the “visible light allowed”.

For example, the window tint law in Virginia for Sedans allows 50% VLT for the front side windows, 35% for the backside and rear windows and a non-reflective tint for the windshield. On the other hand, the rules in Michigan are different which allow 35% VLT for both front and backside windows. 

How does it Work?

Windows tinting is a thin film that is applied on the surface of your window and helps protect the glass from wear and tear. Besides keeping the heat at bay it will also protect the glass from stone chips off the road and other flying debris and hard objects. There are many types of window tints with varying levels of thickness and darkness or shade. Besides the obvious aesthetic value, it protects the occupants and the car interior from the harmful UV Rays. Depending on the type of window film you install it will help reflect the intense rays as well as protect from the radiation. It can also absorb a high level of heat. 

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Significance of Tinting your Car Windows

There is more to car window tinting than improving aesthetic value or increasing the level of the opaqueness of the glass. It is important for those planning for car window tint in Woodbridge to be aware of the importance of window tinting.

There are many benefits of fitting your vehicle with appropriate window tinting as listed here:

Any vehicle that is parked in direct sunlight for more than an hour tends to get hot. A car without window tint would be very hard to drive off in since it would be too hot to handle. Window tinting prevents the vehicle from getting hot and making it easier too cool as well.

Harmful UV rays can be quite intense during summer and adversely affect you. If the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight for too long, the interior will start to fade as well. Using the right windows tinting effectively blocks 99% of the UV radiation.

It makes your vehicle safer to drive by making your glass shatter-resistant.

 Although laws pertaining to the opaqueness of the window tint may vary, it does help improve the level of privacy of the occupants.

It provides a higher level of security, where you can be sure and valuables left on the seat and not hidden away will not attract a lot of attention.

 The cooling effect provided by the window tints also means that you are saving on fuel since it requires energy to cool the vehicle as compared to one without tints that would get very hot.

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