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ET Boys

Nuclear pop? Congratulations – you beat Wikipedia in this.

It’s not that it’s not out there and people over the years, you’ve heard a million different names so far … like all genres, it’s an arbitrary tag. We all have to take something I guess – so nuclear pop it! I’m not here to discuss the choice, the relevance of any genre. Cheers.

What I can tell you for sure is that I like what I hear – and chances are, you will too. Why don’t you call it retrowave, indie emo, melodic rap… nu pop … I’ll leave it entirely up to you and how much weight you put on the importance of the label – I’m just here to tell you what feels good, and what it is. 

As far as I’ve read, ET Boys are two crew … you’ve got Sharkage (music) and Takboy as the two main friends in control … obviously brother. Not sure if it’s biological or purely through music … maybe there’s another mom or dad somewhere … I’m just saying that if you look at the pixelated characters featured in the title of their music video, they look pretty different from each other. But I’m not here to judge him, or not. I know where my alley actually is.

This I know for sure. “Something Profit” is their second single released, and chances are, if they’re on their way to becoming the most addictive new band on your playlist if you know them – if you don’t know yet, make some room above because you want to hear what they have to say. Has arrived. Their first single “Sober” should have been enough to permanently place them on the map and on your radar as far as I’m concerned – given that this crew was just starting out and there was still another unit … of course I would listen! 

ET Boys

Honestly, it would be hard for me not to say that this is a good song, or at least a wider range of possibilities for what is happening in the scene at the moment they both sound great, but the “caution” is really the vibe of today’s relevance. Not based, but thematic. “Something Love” has a theme that has been with all of us year after year and year after year … it will never get old and will probably always be relevant – and perhaps in that sense, it’s the former single … probably … Time will tell. The bottom line is, they’re both irresistible cuts and that’s the reality, Jack – I dig into the ET Boys’ idea and I can totally get behind it.

Where the ET Boys have found themselves a big advantage lies in the skills they already have and the way they have performed responsibilities. We all have the power to handle Shark’s music and the tallboy mic and they’re definitely playing with them by putting the right piece in the right place – and you can hear how hard these first two singles are really working out. Tell me what doesn’t work!?

There are not a fraction of “Something Profits” … Sharkey knows exactly what he’s doing behind the studio boards, and Sackboy has no problem managing the mic with confidence in front of them – and the balance is much more divided 50/50 right in the middle when we as listeners Has no effect on. Not only is it great for the United States – it’s great for them too; We all wrap up in what we know most about music, whether it’s a singer or a guitar player or whatever – but when you hear the balance you hear the power of these two brothers, it just makes sense that they’re making music together. . This is where ET Boys belongs – and their first two singles will prove to be 100%.

So let’s see… what works… and what advice would I give them for the future? Good question. Honestly, what I hear is totally relevant, and they have done an exceptional job with the quality they do from production to performance – all of these things are positive and all check the right box. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that a track like “Something Love” sounds like it will end up being the most challenging cut in their catalogue – I also realize that we all have to walk before we run, and of course dig into the fact that they surround every corner. Has left. 

Maybe it’s not seriously complicated, but it’s flawless – and when I say it, it’s not an easy achievement in any part of my imagination, no matter who you are or who your band is. Less complexity in design means there is actually significantly less space to hide – if there are any barbaric mistakes or missteps along the way we’ll hear them – that’s the reality. For their accomplishments, the ET Boys leave you zero to complain about “some love” –   as hard as it can be, it’s loaded with accessible vibrations built for what’s happening here and now in the scene, and they’ve got a verifiable hook that makes music And voices both exist.

Like I said – all good things. Literally … I can get all the graybeards and point out the obvious nature of the words that reflect the generation gap but it’s annoying what I’m advising them to do is focus on what’s most appropriate for the song and keep tapping. That. Like … the awesome sweetness between the words and the theme for a song in a single true sense like “Something Love” … I don’t really know if we really have to hit someone’s ass in the middle of a love song, or if that’s actually the overall experience Moves away from – this would be a much more personal matter I guess. 

I understand where they are going with this … It is a manifestation of the power of love that still exists… I am married and have had a literal zero idea outside of the game for so long. In my opinion, however … as real as emotion can be … the point is that it increases overall accessibility and makes such an appeal to the public or it can actually take something – I don’t really have a way or another answer, But it’s worth considering.

  I mean … they really left me … the rest is basically unquestionable perfection; There is nothing to complain about, so I can only observe and think about their future – because they have no doubt about it. The ET Boys are ready to move on and level up early in their careers … they have already shown two true glimpses of the generosity that has come before us, and I think both their early singles prove that we can expect something big from this pair. Smooth electro-based sound, Mike’s strong voice … and a great gift for the melody shared between them if they hold the same quality of work as I feel in their first two singles … I’m in front for ET Boys’ music Nothing can be heard except the green light.

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