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EuroXN Review

EuroXN is a new cryptocurrency broker that caters to crypto enthusiasts all around the world. Finding the correct broker is not a simple task, which is why our EuroXN review is here to assist you in selecting the best brokerage for your trading needs.

EuroXN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. EuroXN is a firm that was founded in 2016. The company’s employees have a lot of experience. EuroXN is a global broker with clients from all over the world, including the United States and Canada. The following are some of the advantages of trading cryptocurrency with leverage on EuroXN.

The sole drawback to trading Bitcoins and Ethereum with leverages on EuroXN is the limited number of digital currencies available. EuroXN provides a variety of options for traders that want to trade crypto futures. Price charts are included in the platform to provide good market reviews to traders. Furthermore, the trading platform is exceptionally fast and was created with ease and swiftness in mind.

EuroXN’s platform’s speed is one of its most appealing qualities. Traders may complete transactions without any delays, according to the platform, which is one of the fastest in the trading world. Let’s have a look at other key features of the broker.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Bitcoin is used to complete all investments on the platform. They can also be compensated in Bitcoin or Ethereum, based on the type of trade only Cryptocurrencies are accepted as deposits, and there is no cost involved with them.

Withdrawals are subject to a fee equivalent to the current mining fee on the blockchain. Because EuroXN only keeps 1% of its BTC in crypto wallets, withdrawals take a long time to complete.You will receive Ethereum when you execute a profitable trade as ETH contracts are cash-settled.


Many brokers put a hefty amount as a minimum deposit to open up an account. Beginner traders are always reluctant to make big investments in the initial phase, so they find it difficult to enter in the trading world. But this is not the case with EuroXN, here you can open an account with a minimal deposit of only $200 only.


EuroXN doesn’t take its trading platform’s security for granted and is very serious about it which is why it keeps over 99 percent of its Bitcoin in cold storage. An intruder will be able to obtain around 1% of the leftover money in crypto wallets as a result of this.

EuroXN pays large money to white hackers, which encourages hackers to find code flaws in the trading platform. The broker pays a handsome amount to the hackers every time they find a flaw and suggest updates according to it. Moreover, as might be expected of any large broker nowadays, the broker’s official website contains SSL data encryption.

KYC allows the broker to demonstrate to the regulatory bodies that they have a thorough understanding of their consumers. You must supply a photo of the driver’s license, utility bill, or passport to verify your identity. AML makes it possible to prevent money laundering and the use of funds for illicit activities. Users can enable a 2-way verification method to reinforce their security. Despite having only just a few years of experience in the financial market, the platform is extremely safe to use.

Customer Service

Traders can contact the broker’s a customer support team 24/5. Customer assistance is prompt and helpful. For a customer, it is the most significant feature. In 5 working days, any trade problem or question can be submitted. To accommodate consumers from different backgrounds, phone numbers in four different languages and locations are available. You can also send them an email, which they will respond to as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

EuroXN has four separate accounts to cater to different types of traders, including beginners, intermediates, and specialists. Customer service and security are also satisfactory. As a result, I think you should go for this amazing broker.


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