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Trekking is ultimately the most fascinating thing that you can experience in the Everest region of the country. In the month of march you will be offered with the most amazing attractions in Everest base camp trek. You may know that month is the month where the season of spring starts. This season will revitalize a new form of life.

This region will also help you to see a nacked dry jungle that also transfigures to the green lush jungles. It also shows you a flower blossom and the fragrance of natural plants twirling in the free air. There you can see such beauties are almost painted with a diverse colouring.

In the region of mountain that allures with the most alluring snow in the season of winter and frozen lake beside which goes melting  to turquoise during  green boasting with awe-inspiring in the charm and depth.

However, the month of March is so perfect for trekking in the mountainous region of a country. There are hundreds of trekking companies in Nepal where you can apply for the most amazing trek to Everest in the month of March.

The Weather of March

During the month of march there you may see the beautiful transition of winter to spring  season that occurs. This season is also popularly known as the Basanta Ritu in Nepalese society. Talking about the temperature of this trekking region is a bit warmer during day time.

It almost goes upto seven degree celcius in Everest base camp temperature in the month of march. During the night time it decreases to minus 0 degree celsius that goes down almost -7 to -12.

The month that rains in march  with the most clear skies with the form of low humidity. This shows the trek inEverest base camp trek in the month of march will be the most finest weather condition and you get to experience a clear and good scenery of the mountain.

This season also offers you a most beautiful scenic view of a snow capped mountain with breathtaking scenery. IN the initial days of march month you will get to encounter the most occasional snowing that showers at the higher elevation of the country. On the other side temperature in the base camp of Everest areas is also pretty unpredictable. Gokyo lake trek might be another alternative trek for you in the same region.


Start your trek in early

First you need to start your trek initially in the early morning. It is the best idea because the daytime is shorter in the month of march than in other months in Nepal. This will even help you to reach the trekking destination before it will be late evening. You need to know almost 6 to 8 hours of trex per day which is not also an easy trek.This is why you must start your trek early morning on Everest trek. 

  • Well prepared in advance

In the beginning of the trek you must go for preparation of a trek that is more important. The weather of this region is also more cold in the early morning and so at night time. We recommend you to take a layer of clothes that will help you to make a warm base on the condition of weather.

  • Regular acclimatization and hydration

Talking about the acclimatization you must be aware about the essential needs in the higher altitude region in the Everest base camp trek.You must drink more and more water to make hydration regularly to cope up with altitude sickness. In the process of acclimatization  it will slowly increase the level of oxygen in the body.

It will even help you to make a suitable adaptation  according to the higher altitude conditions more quickly. Hydrating will definitely help you to maintain the level of body temperature as well as the level of oxygen in the trekker body. This is why you get more information and advantages during your trek.

  • Book in advance

In this season it will be a bit harder to get a well managed lodges or any kinds of tea houses in the route of Everest base camp. This may also show some effect in your trekking  experience. If you want to get rid of such problems then select your itinerary and book as fast as you can so make a secure trip easily.

The most amusing trekking experience in this region  in the month of march where you get to see the season involvement that revitalizes new for old life.


Trekking in the month of march  is ofcourse a lifetime opportunity that any trekker can experience in Nepal especially at Everest base camp trek.In the weather of perfection with clear blue skies  the wild flower and greenery that helps to provide a pleasant form of trekking experience. The trek shows you a variety of snow capped mountains are the attractions of the trek.

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