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Any startup which invests in online marketing cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization (SEO). SEO comprises various activities that optimize a website for achieving a favourable rank when search results are displayed.

Here are seven reasons why SEO matters to every startup

Let me ‘Google’ it

What happens when a buyer is planning to buy something? The first thing that a buyer might do is just ‘google’ it. Search engines such as Google have made it convenient for users to research products that they wish to buy, check out reviews, and also choose the website from which they would want to purchase. Hence it is critical for a startup to focus on SEO, select an SEO agency that can help out with SEO services in India, and gain a respectable search engine rank.

Using insights to take business decisions

If your startup is investing in SEO, then you would also be aware of Google Analytics. Using Analytics, you can figure out quite a bit about your website visitors. You can decipher their location as well as the keywords that they are searching for. You would also know about the amount of time your users spend on your website on an average. Important metrics such as conversion rates and the cost of acquisition would be known to you.

Another trend that is catching up is voice search. If a startup has been implementing SEO strategies, it would begin preparing to optimize its website for voice search as well.


Google Keyword Planner is an important tool that can be used to research the keywords which a startup should be targeting. This can complement the insight provided by Google Analytics. A startup can begin to target long-tail keywords and target niche keywords rather than generic ones. Therefore the website visits would from an audience that is highly relevant to the startup’s business. Thus conversion rates would also be higher.

Able to generate higher revenue

75% of users never go beyond the first page. Therefore, if you have invested in SEO and are featuring on the first page, your website is likely to get a higher number of visits and hence higher conversions as well. This automatically means you would be getting the lion’s share of the business as compared to your competitors.  For a startup that is keen on generating revenue, it is critical to get as many visitors as possible onto its website.

Earning trust and credibility

If a startup’s website is featured on the first page of Google, users tend to feel that it is a highly credible business. They would not only feel comfortable checking the offerings of the startup but may also be willing to transact online.


According to a poll conducted by a leading portal, 49% of respondents agreed that organic search offered the best ROI. Running online and offline ads over a longer-term can turn out to be expensive as the quotes would keep increasing. Visits from organic searches also have a higher rate of conversion as compared to visits from other channels. Also as compared to other media, the cost incurred for higher SEO results could be lower.

Improves other aspects of your website

A startup’s website can have higher search engine rankings only if it follows certain best practices. These include being optimized for mobile, having high-quality content, quick loading time, etc. By implementing these, a startup automatically can improve other aspects of its website.

There are many agencies that are offering SEO services in India. If a startup doesn’t have an in-house SEO expert, it can search for an SEO company in India and get a list of SEO agencies.

By Neelima Bansal

Neelima Bansal is an experienced tech enthusiast, digital marketer, and blogger who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out her blog at StoryBuzz. She also love to contributes her another tech new blog GuglY Tech

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