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Everything About Deku in Anime My Hero Academia

Anime and Manga have come a long way since their first start in the early 1900s in Japan and when we talk about anime, we are talking about animated cartoons, while manga is all about comic books or graphic novels. And they have been buddies since day one with anime regularly being born from manga series and it is like they have been on this creative journey together, growing and changing over the years.

So coming to the topic now, ‘My Hero Academia’ is a Manga series that tells the story of Deku who is someone born without supernatural powers but still tries to do good in society.

Brief about My Hero Academia Deku

So, talking about the protagonist now, Deku whose real name is Izuku Midoriya is a boy born without special powers, and his Mother does not show any kind of love or affection for him in any way. Due to this, his childhood was not good at all and he was never supported.

Continuing that, the show always focussed on Deku’s early days and his dreams of becoming a hero like those he used to read about in the comics. And it seems like the boy is very loving and caring and has a will to save people, however, is at the same time depressed and sad.

But overall, the plot of Deku My Hero Academia goes with the main focus on Deku who is heartbroken but tries his best to be of good use to society in many ways.

The Backstory of his Name ‘Deku’

Well, the name Deku used in the series comes primarily from an insult made by Izuku’s friend Katsuki Bakugo who used to call him ‘Dekunobou’ which directly means ‘good for nothing’ in Japanese.

The Backstory of his Name 'Deku'

However, when digging into the matter, we got to know that the term ‘Deku’ has many meanings tied to it and also has a positive one as well, and therefore, we cannot say for sure if Izuku’s friend used the term positively or negatively.

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What about the Darker Side of Deku?

So there is this term Vigilante Deku which refers to the dark and angry side of our protagonist and shows how this character is selfless and risk-taking in nature, and down below are some points that clearly define Vigilante Deku deals:

What about the Darker Side of Deku

  • The Selfless Nature

So, Deku is shown as someone who is very selfless and kind-hearted and is eager to help the people around him, and this quality is engraved in him despite the fact that his childhood was traumatized by no love given from his Mother.

  • A Constant Willingness to Succeed

In the cartoon series, Deku is someone who wants to win and performs all the right actions that could lead him to victory amidst the emotional trauma he has.

  • Friendship

So there are some close friends of Deku who constantly support him and that plays a major role in healing mentally overwhelmed heroes like him, and his friendships are shown to help him dive out of the dark phase.

So adding to this, Deku is this simple human being who has seen a lot in the world at such a young age, and therefore he is filled up with anger and misery, and this is what drives his inner force to make decisions and do things that really matter in the world.

Why should you Watch My Hero Academia and Vigilante Deku?

  • The show is full of action scenes

If you want to watch something that provides a high emotional and visual experience then you should definitely watch My Hero Academia because this show gives you a lot of content and you could relate to a lot of things.

  • The story is very good and interesting

So talking about the story, most of the characters have some superpowers, however, the main focus is on the life of a young boy named Izuku who dreams of becoming a hero despite being born without powers.

  • You would relate to Deku a lot

So, this point is very important because the story of the show is something that will want you to relate with Deku and at the same time become like him due to his hard work, sacrifice, and constant will to help others around him.

  • The show is full of emotions

When you watch the show, you will resonate with Deku a lot because he is just like a normal human who wants to help others and be someone responsible enough to do things, and his emotional life will touch you because of his past childhood traumas which his mother gave him.

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What are Some other Anime Manga Shows Like My Hero Academia?

  • Hell’s Paradise
  • D.Gray-Man
  • Fairy Tail
  • One Punch Man
  • Fire Force

So these are some of the favorite anime shows that one can watch other than My Hero Academia if one wants to see something crispy and action-packed. However, there are many other shows which you can watch but these are the best ones because they offer adventure, action, and emotions as well.

Why are Anime Manga Series like My Hero Academia the best?

So talking about why anime manga series are the best, the main reason is the visuals they provide because these types of visuals are not available anywhere else and only manga cartoons are the ones who offer this unique blend of colors to their viewers.

Another thing is that these manga characters have such strong and attractive personalities that everyone would like to watch their story and stay curious about their decisions and actions.

Final Words on Deku and My Hero Academia

In conclusion, we would like to say that this anime manga series is a must and people who want to see shows that offer both drama and action should not My Hero Academia and watch how the protagonist Deku’s life unfolds. With that, we end our blog and hope that everything about Deku is covered here and nothing is left unsaid.

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