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Everything to know about Ejuices

People who want to quit smoking are suggested to start using ejuices. These ejuices are of different flavors. They have small amounts of nicotine, which is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. These ejuices are used to fill vape and e-cigarettes.

What are ejuices?

Ejuices are made from different fruits or flavors, including some amount of nicotine. It helps in relaxing the mind. In vaping, ejuices are used to make vapors to form smoke. This smoke will give you the feel of smoking.

Its flavors are water-soluble and mostly manufactured by flavor making factories or industries. The following are some flavors of ejuices that are available in the market.

Peach green tea:

If you are a full day worker and want to relax your mind, then the peach, green tea flavor of ejuice will help you to reduce your stress. This is non-addicted and has fewer nicotine amounts.

Gummi bear:

Its flavor is just like bear gums. It will give you the pleasure of having a bear. This is not as harmful as a bear. Because after the bear, you lose your senses, but in the case of vaping with the gummi bear ejuice you will get pleasure without any hangover.

Frozen lime drop:

Frozen doesn’t mean that it’s available in frozen form. It’s just a hint that it gives a touch of menthol. Frozen lime drop is basically a cocktail of two flavors.


It is also a cocktail of flavors that gives you a menthol touch. Swagger will give you a fresh kick with a tasty flavor.

USA blend:

It is especially for people who want to quit smoking. It will provide you the flavor of smoking a cigarette. It is not as harmful as smoking tobacco.

Chocolate flavor:

One of the most selling flavors around the world is chocolate. It will give you pleasure, like smoking chocolate. It is purely made of chocolate and a mix of nicotine. It will also help you with chocolate cravings. 

Effects of direct intake of ejuices:

Some ejuices are available nicotine-free. Swallowing or in taking these ejuices is not harmful. But some ejuices include nicotine. Direct intake of these ejuices may cause many side effects in your body. If you accidentally swallow or intake this ejuice you should immediately rush to a doctor. It may cause a poisonous effect.

How to store ejuices:

Ejuices should be stored in airtight containers. Keep these containers in a dry and cool place. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight. Keep them away from the reach of children.

Where to buy ejuices:

You can buy them from any drug store or vape store. They are also available in many pharmaceutical stores. Ejuices are also available in online stores. Before ordering ejuices online, check the registration of the store. Aotearoa Ejuices is the best store to buy ejuices. 


Smoking is very dangerous for health. It may damage your lungs and heart. Ejuices will help smokers to quit smoking. It has less amount of nicotine, which has no side effects. It is available in many flavors. These flavors include swagger, lime, chocolate, and bear. Store these ejuices in a dry and cold place.

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