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Everything to know about salesforce training

Salesforce provides customer relationship management (CRM) software for sales professionals and marketers, offers multiple certifications for customers, developers, consultants and others. The ultimate goal of a salesforce certification is to enhance knowledge of the platform. Salesforce is one of the largest growing companies globally as its needs are increasing as the time is getting advanced.  

You need to know some of the important features of salesforce training to get a better experience with it.

Salesforce certifications: 

Salesforce Administrator Certification (ADM 201) is a basic level qualification, available for professionals who wish to work in the Salesforce application in a particular organization. This certification is awarded to one by the American cloud computing company, namely, Salesforce. 

It works in customer relationship management (CRM) in a broad aspect and requires that aspect. It allows you to have qualities that help you find a balance in your work life. This certificate becomes a must-have for you to seem appealing in the eyes of an employer and work with confidence and productivity. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • You have to be a professional in the administration.
  • It would help if you comprised a degree in BBA/BCA/MBA/MCA.
  • You should be well acquainted with skills in this field of work.

Types of certifications: 


Their job includes management, creating analysis, detailed reports, workflows and creating new ideas.


This includes performing personalized CRM applications; therefore, they should possess coding, and design skills for programmatic solutions, requires knowledge of a complete development lifecycle and knowledge of the present environments. 

Certification cost:

Salesforce certification also costs a price. It costs from $200 to almost $6000. The $6,000 cost is only for one certificate, which is “Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.” All the other certification costs are either $200 or $400. A retake exam for those who failed is half-price. However, there is one free certification called “salesforce accredited sales professional.” That free course is designed for “pre-approved” Salesforce partner sales, pre-sales and business development professionals who are “engaged in marketing and selling Salesforce solutions.” Exam-takers must demonstrate Salesforce Advantage knowledge “through a stand-and-deliver whiteboarding presentation before passing a multiple-choice exam.”

Salesforce training: 

Salesforce offers numerous training courses to learn more about its platform. Some of those courses are paid. Others will provide free courses. The courses, formal, in-person instructor-led classes are “intensive” and usually the most expensive salesforce training programs. There are also online classes that are led by instructors. They are cheap. Some of them are as follows: 

Cheat Sheets:

 Guide to Salesforce features, function or process.

Developer Workbooks:

Details on the Salesforce1 platform via tutorials.

Salesforce YouTube:

 Video tutorials for those who learn online.

Last words:

In short, salesforce certification and training are very useful for your business life. It is also very useful for the employees as they can have more and more knowledge about the business and their experience will get better and better, and they can have more chances of success.  

But to gain maximum benefits, one should maintain his training, and for this purpose, there are also maintenance exams being taken which help you renew your training.

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