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If we are to discuss the features of the KissAnime site, it cannot get done until we first discuss its efficiently created landing page. The site has an easy-to-understand interface and navigation. Most of the content available on the site is in Japanese with English subtitles. Nonetheless, some of the anime content on the site has gotten modified to make it more accessible by getting them dubbed also. KissAnime also has a section dedicated to letting its users know about the most recent updates regarding anime movies and series. The most impressive feature of KissAnime is how one does not have to register or sign in to start streaming the anime they want.

What is KissAnime?

If you are one of those people who love to stream anime like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Sphere Z Series, then the KissAnime site is the best possible anime streaming site for you. You can get access to the largest internet library containing a huge collection of anime movies and series pirated versions for free. Japan is where anime has come from, and KissAnime provides users a way to access their movies, shows, and series.

How Kissanime Is Linked To Nudekay?

In the end, the question arises: how kissanime is linked to nudekay? We’ve outlined some possible explanations below. Here are some of the main points that you need to know. First of all, kissanime is hosted on many different sites. It’s not uncommon for websites bearing the name of Kissanime to crop up after the original site closed down. These duplicates might have a similar interface and feature the same content, but you should never rely solely on these imitations.

KissAnime down

When any site becomes more and more common, it starts getting a lot of traffic, then it is most likely to run into issues and finally getting turned down on the web. A large number of KissAnime users are in a state of shock and sadness after coming to the realization that the KissAnime website has finally closed down. The major shutdown got caused as there were speculations of it not being legal because of some copyright issues. That is why the site got shut down, leaving all its fans hanging and in search of another site similar to the KissAnime site.

Safe or Legal to Use?

When you happen to use the website KissAnime, you have to understand the two main points of this site. The first point is whether the site is safe and secure to use. Second point is whether the site is legal or illegal.

When it comes to the first point, the site is completely safe and secure to use, without any doubt.  On the second point, there are doubts, and some claim that users using the site will face no legal consequences and it is legal for them, but that is an ongoing debate yet.

Why KissAnime and Similar Sites got Banned in India?

The whole anime situation in India has taken a turn for the worst for all animation streaming internet sites because Disney complained about the situation that KissAnime, GogoAnime, and many other similar sites created for them by allowing users a site to stream content for free. Disney claims how such sites provide users with illegal content, whether it’s movies, shows, or series. Therefore, Disney presented an FIR against these sites in the high court in India. The high court blocked these sites, after which users could not access such sites in India and stream any kind of movies, shows, or series for free.

Why Did Japan Ban This Website?

The Japanese government, for some while, has talked about taking strict action against internet sites providing users with pirated content. Nonetheless, recently, the Japanese authority is taking harsh actions and has already blocked KissAnime and its sister site KissManga. KissAnime becoming blocked became the worst thing for anime lovers.

KissAnime showed the last message on its site for its users after it took all its content down and shut down permanently. The message lets users know about its shut down. After the KissAnime and KissManga sites got closed down, there is fear amongst the other sites as they could also get shut down any day. The site is not available to any user. Users who enjoyed streaming anime for free have gotten saddened by this awful news.

Before the site got banned, users could enjoy streaming and downloading anime content for free without any issues. However, since it has gotten banned, there is a lot of risk in streaming and downloading series even with the use of proxy and VPN. Users have got fewer options now regarding the access of such sites to download or stream anime content for free as Japanese authorities become stricter.


KissAnime Users should beware of the many sites using the KissAnime name but have nothing to do with the original site. You will get many KissAnime mirror sites like the original one, but use them at your own risk. The original domain of KissAnime is; any other site is fake and might have hackers behind them wanting to get access to users’ personal information.

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