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Everything You Need To Know About Nipple ClampsEverything You Need To Know About Nipple Clamps

We all know that we have a nice work machine given by nature in the form of a body with some incredibly beautiful organs which work in harmony with each other. They are so beautiful architecture that even a minute act at one end, may blast into pleasure-filled blasts in other parts of the body. Similar is the scenario when one of the most sensitive, erogenous body organ-the nipples are made to deliver pleasure through some agents, they create wonders in sex, whether missionary or BDSM. Now, what is BDSM? To accomplish pleasure from the acts played during it, Nipple Clamps can be a very good choice to go with. As nipples are that organ which stimulates the genitals as the senses working for genitals are the same for nipples, activating the same region in the brain, as per the studies done by experts.

 When we talk about BDSM and how it is related to clamps? As it is known that it is all about bondage/discipline, domination/ submission, or sadomasochism, where pleasure is what all players seek. These clamps provide a tantalizing effect on the clitoris, especially when the clamps are removed, as for a long time the nipples were clamped and the blood flow in them was blocked. So as soon as, the clamps are removed, it gushes the blood into the nipples with a blasting flow. This is the main part of the whole play, and the same is in it. Pleasure is only the thing everyone wants to receive at the end of the game.

While going for the BDSM, the clamps play a very important role as they are used to tease the submissive partner or the one who is playing the role of a sadist. They love to be teased by their masters and seek pleasure in serving their wishes. This can be done with the help of beautiful nipple clamps as it restricts the flow of blood in that region and creates pain when clamped gradually developing pleasure.

These clamps are available in a variety of styles one can go for the choice of your own, chains with increasing weight to enhance the tease, pain, and hence pleasure.

If you are a beginner, then first try it on some sensitive part like, earlobe or the inner part of your upper arm which is very sensitive and soft, to check the pressure which the one can tolerate. Then try it on your nipples and feel the pressure.

Tease and provoke your nipples to make them erect by licking with tongue or fingers or nipple suckers to increase sensitivity. Once they are erect, slide the clamps on the base of the nipples. Check for the pressure level that you can tolerate, and adjust the ring as per the required pressure.

To create sensations and heighten the sensitivity, the clamps are applied to the areola then removed after some time. The blood is restricted with the help of clamps, it heightens the sensation when weight is increased and gives splashing hot feelings.

When the clamps are removed, it sends blood rushes to the nipples at a very fast speed thus creating a lot of sensation. But one should know how long they should be applied on. It should not be applied for more than 10-15 minutes. It does create numbness or reddishness, or sometimes blue or black making you understand that it’s the time to remove them or it may create trouble. Mostly the scene can be followed with certain additions like ticklers, floggers, or any other BDSM articles. This is going to be great fun when followed with extra items and helping you reach the climax with your partner. This whole game of love gives immense pleasure and can be easily introduced in regular sex practice. Get yourself a different way of receiving the pleasure of your desire.

One very important thing to know here is that they can be easily used even when you want to play solo. To get the fun, you want, attach certain BDSM tools like a cock ring, or a dog collar, thus making every moment a memorable happening event. Working on it single with some attachments and increased pressure on nipples may cause pain, but this is how people love to go for. This all is for fun.

Another thing here is why should girls have all the fun, and to resolve the matter it’s good that it can be applied on both. During the sessions, it does not matter who is playing whom, a dominant or a sub. It’s the main aim behind is pleasure, on oneself, or through others. A great thing to go on, get for yourself and gain experience, and keep using.

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