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Purnima VratEverything You Need to Know About Purnima Vrat

Purnima is the word utilized for the full moon in Sanskrit and it is the day on which the full moon happens. There are various methods of spelling Purnima/Poornima/Pournima and it is likewise call Purnamasi. While Purnima Vrat has propitious and significant importance in Hindu culture.

Moon has its full brilliance on that day and on this day individuals love Lord Vishnu and his symbols. Here we offer a fast manual for the event – Purnima/Full Moon. Recently you must have remembered your teachers and wished them. With happy guru purnima wishes quotes likewise it is important to know why purnima vrat is being observed and why there are several auspicious events related to purnima.


The Sanskrit word “Purnima” or “Poornima” alludes to “full moon”. This day additionally denotes the division between Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. The splendid full moon in the sky represents the end of obscurity and bluntness with a blast of intelligence.  It is consider exceptionally propitious.

Importance of Purnima Vrat:

The meaning of Purnima/Poornima can  decids by the way that few famous Hindu celebrations fall on this day. Additionally, Hindu believers quickly offer prayers to Lord Vishnu on this promising day. The customs and functions of this day connote birth or creation. As on the full moon day, the moon finishes its one cycle around the earth, in Hinduism, it represents the finish of an occasion in a person’s life and restarting the new sections, new life.

Knowing About Purnima Vrat:

Purnima Vrat alludes to “fasting”. Numerous followers are observing vrat or this promising event either on Purnima day or a day prior for example on Chaturdashi which relies upon the beginning season of Purnima Tithi. For the most part, the fasting begins from dawn and closures are the ascent of the full Moon. 

– To lead Purnima Vrat, the devotees should wash up before dawn. 

– From dawn till the ascent of full moon food or water isn’t consume

– Those who can’t direct such fasting can devour fruits and milk, once. Be that as it may, grains, pulses, and normal salt has not permiton. 

– The fast can  finished by offering prayers to the full moon. 

– There is no extraordinary puja or diet for this fast.

Various kinds of Purnima Vrat or Full Moon and how they are commended in India: 

Kartik Poornima:

  • Kartik Poornima likewise called Tripura Purnima and celebrated as Dev Deepavali for example following 15 days of Diwali. 

Shravan Poornima:

  • Shravan Poornima has numerous importance. Generally perceive as a day of the Raksha Bandhan celebration, it is likewise celebrats as Kajri Purnima and Nariyal Purnima, while the south brahmin local area observes Avani Avittam on this day. 

Vat Purnima:

  • Vat Purnima is praise by wedded ladies as they fast for their spouses on this day. It is for the most part celebrats in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and a few locales of eastern Uttar Pradesh. 

Guru Purnima:

  • Guru Purnima is praise in the honor of Sage Vyas, creator of Mahabharata, as he is perhaps the best guru ever. Subsequently, the day is praised on his introduction to the world tithi. 

Sharad Purnima:

  • Sharad Purnima marks the finish of the rainstorm and the start of the colder time of year. It is commended in different manners in various parts of the country. Nonetheless, most usually is commended with “Amrit Kheer” which is held under the beams of the moon. It is accepted that on this day, moon beams trickle nectar that can empower and restore body and soul. 

Buddha Poornima:

  • Buddha Poornima, the day of Gautam Buddha’s introduction to the world, edification, and end. 

Phalgun Purnima:

  • Phalgun Purnima is commended as Holi in many parts of the country. 

Datta Jayanti:

  • Datta Jayanti is commended as the birthday of God Dattātreya-a joined type of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. 

Chaitra Purnima:

  • Chaitra Purnima is commended as Hanuman Jayanti. That as it may, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on various days in different parts of the country. 

Shakambhari Purnima:

  • Shakambhari Purnima happens in paush month and is the closing day of Shakambhari Navratri. 

Madhu Purnima:

  • Madhu Purnima is a nectar offering Buddhist celebration.

Upcoming Poornima Vrat Dates 2021


July Ashadha Ashadha’s Purnima Vrat -July 23

Ashadha’s Purnima – July 24

August Shravana Shravana Purnima Vrat and Shravana Purnima – August 22
September Bhadrapada Bhadrapada Purnima Vrat and Bhadrapada Purnima – September 20
October Ashwina Ashwina Purnima Vrat and Ashwina Purnima – October 20
November Kartik Kartik’s Purnima Vrat – November 18

Kartik’s Purnima – November 19

December Margashirsha Margashirsha’s Purnima Vrat – December 18

Margashirsha’s Purnima – December 19


The moon is at its full wonder and the full size of the moon makes an exceptionally charming scene, we trust a similar brilliance is spread in the existence of our readers! You know the importance of purnima vrat now, will you observe the next one?

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