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Everything You Need to Know About Safety Bollards

Bollards are one of the most underrated items that are used abundantly on our roads, and yet they aren’t giving much thought to most of us. These bollards are placed for our safety while on the road. 

What exactly are safety bollards?

Essentially, bollards are sturdy yet short vertical posts placed on roads and roadsides to guide traffic, mark away boundaries, and protect other assets. They also ensure safety and restriction to certain public and private properties. Many businesses in Australia are using these safety bollards in order to block vehicular invasion and traffic to effectively protect their property. 

Installing these safety bollards at your commercial property space is a cost-effective way to manage security and spike up the appeal of your property as well. However, in recent times, a few frequently asked questions have surfaced that many plausible customers ask while considering purchasing these traffic safety bollards for their property. Today, we will address these queries extensively. 

Starting with… 

a). Why Do You Need To Use Safety Bollards

With the expounding growth of traffic scenario and the massive scarcity of parking spaces that most properties experience, it can be easy to miss reading any written instructions, such as “no parking”. In fact, some people tend to skip these instructions and signs and end up doing what they prefer to do anyway. This is where a safety device that helps create restrictions comes in handy. They stand as a protective barrier that prevents vehicles from driving themselves into any restricted areas of the property. However, unlike other barriers such as fences and blocks, bollards are flexible. So, you can continue to allow access to the area on foot traffic and avoid all vehicular traffic. 

b). What the Major Benefits of Using Bollards

Bollards are in common sight and are most inexplicably visible outside of supermarkets. Shops, commercial properties, hotels, and many public areas with heavy traffic – both on foot and vehicular. They are used as a form of safety measure outside in and around buildings. Some of the benefits of using bollards are: 

  1. They can be installed to control traffic and prevent cars from ramming into each other. 
  2. They are practical to use and an extremely cost-effective solution for barricading around stores and in buildings.
  3. They come in plenty of sizes and shapes, suitable for man’s many needs and plans. 
  4. They can manage on foot traffic in a great manner. 

c). What are the Different Two Type of Safety Bollards Available for Purchase

  1. Removable Bollards – If you are looking for a cost-effective and affordable manner of creating a safety barrier, then removable bollards are the best choice for you. Not only is it easy to install, but it is easily unlockable, removable and placed in other areas. They are commonly available in stainless steel or galvanized steel materials. They can also be customized to your company’s requirements. 


  • They are extremely suitable in places that require basic access control and need a change in frequency of restriction in traffic.
  • It can meet the needs of any barrier plans, queueing of vehicles, and other protection around the building property.
  • They can be used in factory door entry points and even across driveways.
  • These safety bollards are recommended for budget-friendly commercial applications that have only primary concerns.
  • It has a reflective strip that improves the visibility of the building at night.
  1. Fixed Safety Bollards – in case you’re looking for any heavy-duty control of traffic around the parking spaces of your own property, then fixed safety bollards come in handy on such occasions. They’re extremely practical solutions when you don’t need to vary any access. They are typically made of galvanized steel, 316-grade stainless steel, and even high-strength flexible plastic, which can withstand an accident’s impact.


  • Permanently secure to the ground and can be removed once they are not needed at all. They can deter vehicle collisions as well.
  • Please fixed bollards provide customers with a secure bike parking space as well.
  • The significantly enhanced aesthetic appeal of all architectural spaces while providing pedestrians with the needed protection.

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