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Spinal discs are vital in absorbing shock. They may need to be replaced due to degenerative disc problems. Disc replacement surgery involves the replacement of worn-out discs located at the lower back of the spine. The worn-out discs are replaced with artificial discs.

You can get disc replacement in Dayton by visiting neurosurgeon Kamal Woods and other disc replacement specialists. Disc replacement experts offer disc replacement surgery to people who experience severe back pain. It is essential to book a consultation with the surgeons to determine the appropriate disc replacement treatment.

What Symptoms Necessitate Disc Replacement?

  • Intense back pain – back pain may be considered a standard issue. However, medical action must be taken when the back pain is severe. The back pain may increase when you sit down for a long time.
  • Numbness from the arms to the legs – The nerves around the backbone may be irritated and cause pins and needles to extend to different parts of the body. If you experience these symptoms, you need to consult a disc replacement specialist.

What are the risk factors that may require disc replacement procedures?

  • Lifting heavy items – Lifting heavy loads may potentially cause irreversible problems to the spines in your lower back. You may fracture your risks due to lifting heavy items in some cases. The disc replacement specialists may require you to get a disc replacement procedure due to the damage caused.
  • Poor posture – If you have a poor standing or sitting posture, you may damage your discs. Prolonged poor posture gradually perpetuates the damages. Avoid poor postures, especially when staring at your computers or working, do avoid disc damage.

What could go wrong during the disc replacement procedure?

  • The implant’s fracture is not guaranteed that the replaced discs will not fracture. The medical experts will advise you to be very careful during your day-to-day activities to prevent the replaced discs from getting damaged.
  • Dislocation of the disc replacement – The discs are fitted between two vertebrae. There is a risk that the artificial disc may move from the fixed position and cause further complications. Frequent checkups are essential to deal with the dislocation of artificial discs.
  • Stiff spine – Replacing the natural discs with artificial discs may cause your spine to be more rigid as the artificial discs are more rigid than the natural discs. A stiff spine may cause discomfort. Consult your disc replacement if you feel any stiffness in your spine after a disc replacement procedure.
  • The area around the replaced disc may get infected – The surgically operated area around the artificial disc may get infected. Proper care must be observed to avoid infections. Follow the doctor’s instructions to prevent infection of the area around the disc.

Visit a Disc Replacement Specialist Today

Disc replacement is very effective for people who have damaged natural discs. Your life will get back to normal if the medical condition you have requires you to get a disc replacement procedure. Book a consultation to get a disc replacement today.

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