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Are you still using that traditional method of painting? Where holding a paintbrush and standing next to the wall is how you spend your day? Well, things have changed and everything has evolved including the method of painting.

Now people look for ways, that save your time along with providing a good quality color. Painting is doubt not an easy task, but new technologies have made it much simpler. Paint sprayer guns have been introduced to save both your time and money.

If you have ever tried painting your house wall, well it is always fun to use a roller or brush the whole time. You lay a thick coat of paint on the wall and then with the help of a paint roller you spread it in all corners. But this is an old method but is still in practice.

Paint your house

Now if you want to paint your house wall, you can simply go for a paint sprayer as they can paint a wall within few hours. But while using brushes or roller we do not get the privileged to complete the painting within few hours. They take a lot of time, and you get tired by the end of the work. 

Paint sprayers are airless guns that bump all the pressure and perform quality painting within hours. They are now in trend and are the most preferable tools for big projects. Paint sprayers are easy in use but that does not mean you can use them in the first go.

You need to learn everything about it before using it. If you are about to paint your house and you need to know everything about paint sprayers, you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you all the necessary details you need to collect before using an airless sprayer gun.

Type of airless guns

Before using a sprayer gun, you need to understand what kind of paint sprayer you need for your particular task. Not all airless guns can be used for all types of paintings because there are different paint sprayers for different purposes.

Some of the companies offer packing kits along with their sprayers and Titan is one of them. It provides 440 repacking kits to its customers to help them in repacking the sprayer after use.

Some of them are the piston pumps that use high pressure to shoot paint with the help of a painting tip. They can lay down the paint coating very quickly by bumping a high pressure of paint. Therefore, you can use them when you have an extra or thick coating on your wall or object you are about to paint. They can easily be used with latex paint and provide a high-quality thick coating of paint on your walls.

The other type of paint prayers is High Volume Low-pressure guns. They are also known as HVLP and are used for getting fine finishing. They provide extra efficiency when it comes to the transfer of paint on the wall. They use high pressure and low volume to target the fine areas and provides excellent finishing.

It is up to you to choose the type of airless gun you need for the type of paint you wish to get. People often make mistakes while selecting the type of paint sprayer they need for their particular task. So, before choosing any paint sprayer, understand your requirements and then search for a paint sprayer that meets your demands.

How to use a paint sprayer?

When you are painting, it is essential to select the particular spray tip for your paint pattern. Paint sprayers come up with pray tips in different sizes to allow the painter to make different patterns out of them. If you are looking for a fine pattern with less coating, then using a big spray tip is like running your pattern. You can go for a tip that helps you in making a little pattern rather than destroying it with a paint sprayer of a big tip.

The other factor that should be kept in mind while using a paint sprayer is the adjustment of pressure. As all the airless guns bump pressure, it is important to adjust the amount of pressure before using them. High pressure leads to more transfer of paint, but it is not efficient. It skips all the minor details and the result is also not satisfactory.

When it comes to using low pressure, it brings quality color to your surface by bringing less aerosolize paint. When you less pressure it also adds efficacy to your work. Therefore, it is always preferable to use the lowest pressure while using airless paint sprayers.

When you are done with painting, make sure to clean your paint prayer after it. If you will do full cleaning at the right time, it will become easier for you to use your paint sprayer next time. When you are using it the paint has not dried and can be removed easily. But when it gets dry, it gets difficult to clean the paint sprayer.

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