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Do you often think of advancements in educational technology? Picture of a room full of teenagers sitting on their desks comes into your mind? Undoubtedly, the same happens, but edtech technology goes beyond the concept of the typical classroom system. It plays an essential role in providing you with a better educational experience.

We believe that no matter how much technology surrounds the world but the importance of teachers can never be denied; at the same time, it’s also true that technology is transformational. It has been estimated that by the end of 2025, the eLearning and online course market will reach new heights of 325 billion dollars. Due to the pandemic, the industry is growing at a greater pace.

Here is a blog post that will provide you with a review of the fashion institute leveraging edtech and providing the best online fashion course.



Edtech (education technology) is the industry that combines education with technological advancements and modernizes the concept of orthodox education. Edtech is not only limited to the students and teachers, but it can also serve a large audience. Fashion students can especially foster their relationship with the top fashion design institution through edtech.

The evolving edtech industry includes all the technical facilities important for the learning of both adults and children. The major facilities are

  • Education specific fundraising sites
  • Classroom assessment tools to help teachers
  • Reader adaptive eBooks etc.

The growth of the edtech industry

A global survey indicates that the education system is getting larger and larger with each passing year. For the first time in 2016, a Chinese edtech company invested 1.2 billion dollars and is expected to make a massive revenue of 1.96 billion dollars in 2022.

Many companies made a lot of money through edtech technology. In 2018, American edtech companies experienced a whooping rise in their revenue up to 1.45 billion dollars. With this success, the small industry owners made a smart move and invested in the edtech industry.

This growth of the edtech industry has become possible due to big companies’ continuous learning sponsorship worldwide. Now both students and parents prioritize this effective learning solution instead of enrolling them in physical fashion institutes.


Short online courses in a fashion design institution

A lot of people from all over the world have the dream to make their way into the fashion industry. Unluckily, most of them can’t spare time to go to a fashion institute and take the training. And this ruins their abilities, enthusiasm and passion.

Contrary to this, now the edtech has made it perfectly possible to learn fashion at home. It demands you to learn in your comfort and go pro.


Necessary step to learn fashion at home

To learn a lifelong career in fashion, you have to take a few steps; let’s have a look at them.


Study fashion designing

Initially, you must know the details of the mechanics of the fashion industry. The deeper you understand about fashion, the more you will make your mark in this industry. If you cannot learn, immediately get up and enrol yourself in an accredited fashion institute that provides you with the best online fashion design course.


Focus on your skills

Vision and creativity are useless without the skills. No matter if you are capable enough with your sketchbook, needle and dressmaker’s dummy, you can still work to improve your skills. Spend some time and develop some skills that will make you a pro.


Start small 

Sitting on your couch in the wait for that big break will waste your skills and talent. If you get to know the big names in the fashion industry, it all started small. Your work is the thing that will take you to a high level. You only need to be willing to begin your fashion career with small and hard work. Lastly, never expect a lot, be minimized with your expectations.


Fashive- new in fashion design institutions

There are a huge number of fashion institutes that offer fashion and design online courses. But Fashive, a Singapore based fashion institute, has developed the courses under skilled professionals’ supervision. It has introduced flexibility in online learning and offers customized edtech technology.

The expert designers of Fashive help the students learn how to make sewing the best experience of their life and enhance the core set of skills. Communication skills and leadership qualities, together with technical fashion skills, are key course design approaches. We deeply believe in the provision of holistic fashion education that grants learners the best they want.


Results of course by Fashive 

By the end of the short online courses by Fashive, you will learn a wide range of tactics that can help you understand digital fashion marketing and design your fashion campaigns.

  • Develop a good grip on communication skills—how big fashion brands communicate with their clients digitally and increase their sales.
  • Know the recent trends in the fashion industry
  • Learn about the analytical tools that allow brands to know about their competitors and develop their high standard product.
  • Become aware of the importance of prices in online marketing
  • The teacher will give you personalized feedback on every assignment.

That’s a wrap 

Fashion online courses have gone a long way, all you have to do is enroll yourself in the best fashion design institution, and you are good to make a lot of money. When it’s time to pick up the best online platform, do thorough research, consider the cost, time restrictions and other features.

Fashive is the best platform, but success also relies on you how well you learn the course at the end of the day.

Looking to improve your fashion sense? Fashive sought a way to leverage edtech and ensure overall self-paced learning through short online courses.

Get up and grab the opportunity to learn fashion from FASHIVE – the top fashion institute.

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