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A lot of people love to travel and explore the places they go to. However, some people thrive for something more than just a comfortable vacation. Pupils who want to challenge themselves every moment and seeking for adventure in life should spend a day at Kolad adventure camp

The adventure camp can prove to be the best place for the people searching for extreme actions and thrill. It is not always possible for them to make a tour plan for several days. At that juncture, this adventure camp can surprise you with its unique activity modules.

Things you can expect at This Adventure Camp

The breathtaking and serene landscape of Kolad makes one of the favourite spots for nature lovers. People who want to stay away from the jungle of concrete and take refuge amidst nature for a while will sway away by its scenic beauty. This spot situated at the outskirts of the city and just a few hour drive from Mumbai and Pune. The top view of underlying valleys, beautiful backdrop of a nearby lake, and greenery of the surrounding is enough to soothe one’s tired eyes and soul.

The adventure camp offers a plethora of activities from which people can choose their preferred ones. Usually, this camp organises programs in groups and it is likely that you can befriend with like-minded people and make the day out even more exciting.

The List of Activities at Camp

The day package is curated, keeping in mind the requirements of people of distinct taste and preference. Needless to say, adventures lovers will put forward their best feat to unleash their zeal to conquer the unconquerable.

Here comes a glimpse of the list of activities-

  • Rock climbing
  • Rowing
  • Rafting
  • Zipline
  • Burma bridge
  • Wall climbing

Apart from these, there are several other activities available that are seasonal. On top of that, they will also arrange for a vast spread of buffet meal to satiate the hunger, after a series of strenuous activities.

The concept behind the adventure camp is to give the people an unforgettable experience so that people come back again and again to relive those precious moments. It is quite apparent that, after a week at work, the weekend demands a break and what can be better than a thrilling session of rafting!

As a bonus, people can also visit some wonderful locales like Bhira Dam, Sutarwadi Lake and several others which are in close proximity to Kolad adventure camp. This unique adventure camp can effectively fill boring leisure with immense pleasure.

On a different note, indulging in such activities allow you to boost your confidence level and push your boundaries with unlimited challenges. Since this location can accommodate several groups of people; you can team up with your friends, family and have a blessed time while engaging in some high-spirited adventure games.

This adventure camp at Kolad is completely safe and they are tirelessly working towards attaining perfection for all adventure mongers. The day has come when people can come out of their shell and follow their passion.

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