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Differences between RAM and ROM Memory <![CDATA[RAM and ROM]]>

There are various devices to store memory these days. The primary storage device used to save all the necessary data like OS files, apps, music, videos, etc. is a hard drive. If we talk about other than the hard drives, we have the RAM (Random Access Memory), ROM (Read-only Memory), etc. So, today we will talk about what RAM and ROM are and what the key difference between ram and rom is.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

It is the means of memory which exists on the computer hardware. RAM is there which is used to store the programs and data being used by the CPU in real time. The date which is stored on this RAM can be read, written, and erased any number of times. It is a volatile memory which states that when the data is stored in RAM, it evaporates if the power is cut off.

What is ROM (Read-Only Memory)?

As per the name suggests, the data which is stored can only be read by the computer. This is also one of the key memory storage devices on the computer. So what is the reason this type of storage is used in computer systems? The reason is, ROM is a non-volatile memory, so no data is erased when the power is cut off. The kind of information which is needed by the computer during Bootstrapping is stored in ROM.

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Key Differences between RAM and ROM Memory

  1. Going by the key difference between RAM and ROM, the RAM is basically a read-write memory whereas ROM is a read-only memory.
  2. The data is stored temporarily which have to be processed by CPU currently. But the case is different with ROM, as the instructions that are required during Bootstrap are stored in here.
  3. RAM is a volatile type of memory in which the data got erased when the power is cut off, where the ROM is non-volatile memory storage which keeps the data on the place even when the power is cut off.
  4. RAM expands for Random Access Memory while the ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
  5. The modifications in the RAM can be done very easily, but the data in ROM can hardly be modified or changed.
  6. If we talk about the memory space of both the devices, the RAM can take up to 64 MB to 4 GB whereas, the ROM comes in the smaller memory storage than RAM.
  7. In the cost, RAM is costlier than ROM.
  8. Speed is the thing which we look into while going for an electronic device, RAM has much larger speed THAN ROM.
  9. RAM is of two types which are static and Dynamic RAM. While the ROM can be classified into PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM.

RAM is used in Primary memory (DRAM DIMM modules), CPU Cache (SRAM) while ROM is used in Firmware like BIOS or UEFI. RFID tags. ROM is used in those places, where a small and permanent memory solution is required.

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