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Exploring Snake Eyes Piercing

Snake Eyes Piercing is the piercing of the curved barbell at the tip of the tongue at the end. It is known as snake eye piercing because of the two-ball ends, making the tongue look like a snake. It was traced to the Mayans of Central America and the Ancient Aztecs. Snake eyes piercing was started as an offering and to honor their Godhead. Snake Eye piercing was popularized in modern-day culture by Elayne Angel. Elayne Angel is recognized as the first person who had multiple tongue piercings. The Snake eye tongue piercing was first done on Tattoo Sammy a German artist in the modern historical sense.

Position of Snake Eyes Piercing

Snake Eyes Piercing is placed along the midline of the tongue behind the apex of the tongue and its placement should not be placed so close to the tip of the tongue that it risks coming in contact with the teeth or gum line. Also, it should not be placed so back that it starts irritating the lingual frenulum.

Snake Eye tongue Piercing is also known as “Venom” piercing. In snake eyes piercing the the barbell used was either a straight or a curved barbell. A snake eyes tongue piercing passes through both sides of the tongue horizontally binding these two muscles together which can cause serious damage for the person.

Exploring The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snake Eyes Piercing

Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages which are required to be gone through and kept in mind by the people for making any decision. Below are mentioned some pros and cons related to snake eyes piercing.

Advantages of Snake Eye Piercing

Some good aspects of snake eye piercing are required to be gone through to decide whether the person should go for piercing:

  • Snake Eye tongue Piercing is less painful when piercing.
  • Snake Eyes Piercing is healed quickly as the tongue takes only 55 days to heal completely.
  • Snake Eyes tongue Piercing has the best advantage related to bleeding as tongue piercing tends to bleed less than other piercings.
  • Snake Eye Tongue Piercing is easily hideable until the person adopts the habit of sticking the tongue out.
  • Snake Eye tongue Piercing also gained popularity among celebrities and fashionistas.

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Disadvantage of Snake Eye Piercing

Snake Eyes Piercing is risky and has many disadvantages which also affect human health. Some of the disadvantages of snake eye tongue piercing are mentioned below:

  • It causes damage to the tongue muscles and nerves, leading to difficulty speaking and eating.
  • The ornament used in snake eye tongue piercing can rub against the teeth and gums causing dental damage over time, that is gum rejection and cracking and chipping of teeth.
  • The snake eye tongue piercing placement can make it prone to infection and swelling leading to complications.
  • The metal used for snake eyes tongue piercing can cause the teeth to shift.
  • Snake eyes Tongue Piercing can lead to significant pain as the jewelry can cause ulcers and sores that can be infected.
  • Snake Eyes Piercing comes with its risks such as risks caused by tobacco use. The risk of oral cancer is increased due to the bacteria that are collected in the rings and piercings.
  • It even restricts movement between these two muscles of the tongue and kills nerves in them.

Little Note About Pain Of Snake Eyes Piercing

Some people consider snake eyes piercing as a painful act whereas for others it is not a painful act as it is pretty standard pain. For some people, it is feeling a tingle that reminds you of an itch. We see that on average people find getting snake eyes tongue piercing a little more painful than studs or similar kinds of piercings.

People feel getting two separate vertical balls on the sides of the tongue is more painful and uncomfortable. It is mostly dependent on the person that pain and discomfort are your concern or how stylish they look.

Material Available for the Jewelry of Snake Eye Piercing

The Association of Professional Piercers recommends that the jewelry used for snake eye piercing should made from gold, biocompatible plastics, or metals that have specific designations by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards and the International Standards Organization.

Jewelry made from materials like surgical steel, Titanium, 14-karat or higher gold, Niobium, and Biocompatible plastics, etc are used in snake eyes tongue piercing.

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Cost for piercing that is Snake Eye Piercing

A snake eye piercing can cost between $60 to $100 except the jewelry. Jewelry ranges from $10 to $30 per piece. The amount of money to be paid depends on the location, popularity of the studio, piercer’s level of experience, and jewelry’s material.

Steps for Doing Snake Eye Piercing:

Below are the steps to be followed for piercing in the tongue that is snake eyes piercing:

  1. The piercer examines the tongue to make sure that the candidate is suitable for piercing, then chooses the jewelry and does some paper including the consent form. 
  2. An antiseptic mouthwash is provided to rinse which will reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.
  3. Using a body-safe marker the piercer will mark the entry and exit points for each barbell.
  4. A sterilized and hollow needle is inserted under the tongue up through the first marking. The barbell is then pushed through the tongue and the ball is screwed into the bar.
  5. A piercer repeats the same process on the other side of the tongue for snake eye piercing.
  6. After the snake eyes piercing is done, the person will rinse their mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash and the piercer will make sure to clean the blood filled in the mouth during the piercing.

Aftercare required by the person after the piercing is completed

  • Avoid talking for a while and let the tongue rest to heal.
  • For the first few days eat only soft foods like ice cream, mashed potatoes, baby foods, etc.
  • Brush the teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  • Use a sea salt rinse or diluted mouthwash after meals, smoking, alcohol, and before bed to kill bacteria.
  • Piercing should be touched only with clean hands.
  • To reduce swelling, dissolve ice in the mouth or drink ice-chilled water.
  • Sleep with your head elevated to avoid more swelling and take anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen.

Wrapping Up The Final Thoughts

Snake Eye Piercings is done mostly by Actors or Fashionistas as it gains popularity. In this, we got to know about the material used for piercing, the steps taken during snake eyes piercing, and its pros and cons which will help the other person to decide for piercing. Also, in the last the person will get to know about the aftercare that is required to take to heal completely.

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