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There is an abundance of skin care products for sale at drugstores, specialty shops, and even online. Numerous commercials highlight the benefits of vitamins C and retinol. It’s possible, though, that these OTC options need a little something extra to really make a difference for your skin.

The goal of cosmeceuticals, or medical grade skin care, is to transport these therapeutic chemicals to the deeper layers of your skin for maximum benefit. Discover four compelling reasons why you should contemplate transitioning to medical-grade products:

Better Quality Ingredients

Prescription medications are chemically superior than their nonprescription counterparts. They will have a greater effect on the collagen structure and the cells responsible for producing collagen the deeper they can go into the skin. This approach yields better outcomes in less time.

The Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines for skincare products intended for medicinal use. The FDA also commissions clinical research studies to verify the efficacy of such items. Seeking results to improve your skin concerns can be greatly advantageous.

In addition to the higher quality of ingredients, medical grade products are formulated using combinations of ingredients that deliver more comprehensive results than they would alone. Possible chemicals in an acne treatment include the antibacterial benzoyl peroxide and the pore-opening salicylic acid.Synergistic action yields superior outcomes compared to those achieved by using either component alone. Last but not least, substances in medical-grade skincare products are typically more stable, less perishable, and deteriorate more slowly than those in drugstore brands. This guarantees the best possible efficiency from your goods.

Better Results

When you step into a beauty or skincare store, or even a department store, you’ll find a diverse range of products that claim to offer various benefits for your skin. Many products claim to address specific skin concerns and guarantee impressive results. Do they actually work?

The active components in medical-grade skin care products are designed to penetrate the skin at just the right depths. Products available at drugstores and supermarkets can only treat the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. Medical-grade products penetrate deeper into the dermis to impact collagen scaffolding and to help stimulate new cells that will give your skin a healthy glow.

The active chemicals in medical-grade skin care products are much more concentrated than those in non-prescription goods. The same effect can be attained with less frequent application. Taking this course of action is the most cost-effective way to avoid skin discomfort down the road.

In addition, medical-grade skin care solutions typically include chemicals that have been highly stabilized to prevent degradation both during storage and application. Using this method can enhance their effectiveness as the active ingredient is delivered in its most potent form, allowing it to synergize with your skin’s natural processes and yield optimal results.

Better Safety

The best method to treat a skin disease or enhance your appearance is with items made to medical standards. These products are designed to address specific skin challenges, such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, more effectively than other skincare products. They also tend to have higher concentrations of useful ingredients.

Medical-grade skin care products typically undergo more extensive testing compared to those available in department stores and online. Clinical research studies backing up the benefits claimed for these treatments are just as important as the safety testing they undergo. Because they are not put through the same rigorous testing as prescription medications, over-the-counter skin care solutions rarely deliver any noticeable benefits.

Medical grade medicines are often combined with other chemicals to increase their efficacy. For instance, numerous high-quality serums containing topical vitamin C are often combined with ferulic acid and vitamin E. This combination helps to enhance the benefits and effectiveness of the vitamin. Furthermore, medical-grade products are generally sold in dark bottles because light can deactivate the ingredients and reduce their efficacy.

Better Value

Purchasing effective skin care products of excellent quality is money well spent. Cosmeceutical skin care solutions, often known as medical-grade skin care, are formulated to treat skin issues on a more fundamental level. Because of their specialized formulation, they are noticeably more effective than generic drugstore beauty products. To achieve the best potential outcomes, many businesses offer cosmeceutical skin care products in addition to clinical treatments and at-home care items. Expect to use less of the product if you purchase one that was made especially for your skin type.The formulation was developed with the express purpose of penetrating your skin’s deeper layers. This has the potential to initiate profound shifts and stimulate collagen production.

In comparison to drugstore products, the component lists of medical grade skin care products tend to be more extensive. This is due to the fact that the formulations have been created and evaluated by dermatologists and other experts in the field of skincare. Since over-the-counter drugs aren’t obliged to list chemical concentrations on the label, it might be tough to gauge how much of each active ingredient you’re actually taking.

Medical-grade products often come in dark bottles. The choice was made to prevent the fragile chemicals from being damaged by too much exposure to light. Since this is the case, they can be used without diminishing in efficacy over time.

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