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5 Tips to get more Facebook Likes that work

There are many websites that give tips on how to get more likes on Facebook. Today I would like to share two of the most effective strategies. By consistently using these two simple strategies, there is no doubt that your fan base will grow very quickly. Well, let’s go straight to it.

First tip – like someone else’s comment.

When I was looking for ways to boost growth on a fan page, I thought about my strategy many years ago. Everyone liked the other pages in my niche and was asked to interact with others by actively participating in the discussion. This strategy is recommended, but it turns out to be more effective than “liking” people’s comments on other pages.

This is what I did…

I came out easily and found the front page for the interested transport lover. I found a post with a lot of comments on these pages. Then I loved all the comments on this post. For the next two weeks each day, I spent 10 to 15 minutes commenting on other people’s pages. Liked 500 comments in 10 minutes. That’s 3500 comments per week and 14,000 comments per month.

At first, I mistook just ‘like’ instead of ‘like’, said ‘thank you’ instead of ‘like’, and made great posts. Like comments is not about adding value to a post or discussing it on that particular page, it’s about displaying it…simple and easy.

Why it works:

The reason this strategy works is that when you like someone else’s comment, that red tab is highlighted at the top of your Facebook page You can Buy Facebook Likes also. We can agree that we are basically curious creatures. What do people do when they see the little red tab lit up? You guessed it, they clicked it. When they do, they will look at your fan page and click out of curiosity.

Well, you might think this strategy is a bit spam, but you are wrong. Using this strategy does not misuse other pages, it just tells people that your page exists. When they click on your page (and will), you’re already giving them more information about what they’re interested in. You don’t force them to do anything. In fact, if your fan page is all about their interests and you have information worth sharing, you support them. Most of the people on my fan page use this strategy and I have a very loyal following. They found my page with the strategy I first implemented to get it. You have to ask yourself.. What justifies the source after all?

This strategy turns out to work very well with very little effort required to implement it. On average, about 25% of people click to like your page. If you implement this strategy for a month, you can expect to get 1 to 4000 likes if you play it for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

Note: I’ve used this strategy for self-help and it worked as described here, but I can’t guarantee the same results across the board. What else to say here, isn’t it obvious how well this strategy works?

The second tip – ask the owner of the page to publish his own content.

This little trick is pretty straightforward, but I don’t think many people follow it. It works very easily, and like the first tip, it only takes a very short time.

This is what you do:

Open Notepad on the desktop, write a swipe message and send it to the page owner. Use the same message to send as many page owners as you want. Now, it is very important to do three things with this letter…

1) The first part of the message tells the owners of this page that they think they are doing a great job and that their fan pages already contain standard information. Thank them for sharing their knowledge.

2) The second part of the message should confirm that there are great ‘posts/articles’ that fans know they want to read. You can extend this any way you think is appropriate, but their fans love this post knowing that it helps them in their best interest. Make sure you count. (Fan page owners like to share information with their followers, so you don’t have to impress them as much as possible.

3) The final part of the message is to show that you are an ethical marketer and have no intention of promoting your content on other people’s pages without the owner’s consent. 

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