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5 Factors to Consider When Creating a Digital Marketing Campaign

Bill Gates once said that if your business is not online, then you are not in business. This has been one of the motivations for entrepreneurs to get on the digital bandwagon, hoping to make a killing in their niche industries. However, the digital business ecosystem needs a robust marketing strategy, or you could hire an agency to help you with the digital marketing campaign.

Either way, you go, you will need a digital marketing campaign strategy. An effective strategy will help you gain insight into new growth opportunities, your ideal customers, how to attract more leads, and how to spend your profits on growing your brand.

Brands that bypass this crucial step of having a digital marketing strategy in placetend to fail or struggle indefinitely. Here are the top five factors you should consider when creating a digital marketing campaign.

The Ideal Target Audience

If you are not certain who your target audience is, you will be scrambling in the dark and wasting time as well as resources. With that said, it is best that you start with the information you know about your existing customers and prospects.

The goal is to get the demographics of the ideal user, and then create buyer personas of your customers. The buyer’s persona should include information such as gender, age, income, and more.

We recommend that you build the personas from the perspective of the target audience. The bottom line is that you need to understand your users to know where to target them.

What Channels Work Best For Your Audience

There is an endless supply of online marketing channels, and each one has its dynamics. Most businesses will go for Facebook or Twitter as the central point for their digital marketing campaign without understanding where their audience spends their time online.

Age and gender play a crucial part in choosing the best channels for your audience. This means that you need to carry out a feasibility study across all the digital channels. Besides, choosing the wrong channel will mean that you are spending your marketing budget where there is limited or no visibility for your digital marketing campaign.

A tool such as Google Analytics will help you in determining your traffic sources. GA will also help you identify the search terms the visitors used to find your website.

Which Are the High Performing Keywords

Every digital marketing campaign relies on keywords to attract the most qualified prospects. A majority of prospective customers start their search for a product or service with a search on Google.

This will call for you to create valuable and engaging content that will rank high for the keywords used. For this, you will need to include SEO in your campaign, and keywords are at the heart of it all. Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to identify the high-performance keywords to ensure that your content ranks high on SERPs.

While Google commands the largest search market share, it is equally important to think about other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Moreover, you also need to consider the impact of voice search.

Carryout a Competitor Analysis

Unless you are a pioneer in your industry, you are bound to have competitors. Therefore, you need to carry out a competitor analysis to identify your competitors and how they are conducting their digital marketing campaigns.

With the information from your competitive analysis, you will be in a position to understand the target market better and the channels you should use for maximum visibility. However, this does not mean that you copy what the competition is doing. The aim is to get pointers to help you craft a strategy that preys on their weaknesses to strengthen your digital marketing campaigns.


Many businesses do not have the benefit of an unlimited marketing budget. First off, start by taking stock of all the available resources before deciding how you will spend your budget. You can then make a plan on how you will balance your in-house activities and outsourced digital marketing services.

Be sure also to map out what has worked, and what failed. This will help you in knowing whether to spend your budget on paid social media ads, PPC ads, influencers, among others.

With that said, you ought to allocate a specific portion of your budget into every digital marketing channel you will use for paid promotions.


An effective digital marketing campaign requires a robust strategy that should be reviewed occasionally. With the above tips, you are sure to run successful digital marketing campaigns.Feel free to also contact MediaOne Marketing for custom digital marketing services in Singapore.

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