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A range of activities can cause your pet to act nervously or be frightened. New environments, strangers, or even crowds can make pets very agitated.

Pet carriers are portable boxes or bags used to safely convey small animals such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, and so on from one place to another.

Carriers enable the pets to feel calm and secure in their own little personal spaces.

Pet Carrier Types

Pet carriers come in various styles and designs depending on the purpose, pet species, and personal taste in fashion.

There are different stylish designs for pet carriers used for short distance travels that can be done by foot.

There are backpack cat carriers suitable for walking with the pet comfortably strapped to the back, and Purse pet carriers, which serve the same purpose but are mostly for women and chic activity.

There are also select carriers for long-distance travel. The two major types of pet carriers used for long-distance travel are airline pet carriers and car seat pet carriers.

A pet carrier for someone who is about to travel with their furry little one by air has to abide by the rules of the particular airline they are about to use.

However, some standard specifications for airline pet carriers include – waterproof bottoms, ventilation on at least three sides, and a metal door that can’t be bent or folded by the pet.

Car seat pet carriers get used when traveling by car. Car seat pet carriers provide safe and comfortable carriage for pets. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can also be used as pet beds at home.

If you love your pet, you would want it to feel unique and comfortable and not just be carried in a mundane carrier.

Or maybe you are a fashionable person with a high taste for standout items. Whatever the case, some pet lovers usually skip the primary pet carriers and choose to buy a luxury pet carrier that is very fashionable.

Before you spend that pretty penny to buy a luxury pet carrier, this article will try to guide you on what factors to consider when buying fashionable and practical pet carriers.

Considerable Factors Involved in Buying a Fashionable Pet Carrier

1. Type of Pet

While many pet carriers may be advertised as one for all, the reality of that proclamation is quite different.

Different pets have different characteristics, habits, and temperaments.

For example, a carrier with thick inner walls, outer shell, and durable windows will be the best cat carrier for a large cat.

A calm dog can also make do with a small-sized carrier, while a hyperactive and adventurous dog will need a carrier with some literal wriggle room.

Before you make a purchase, you should make sure the carrier you want will be comfortable for the type of pet you have.

2. Size

Another critical factor to consider before buying a pet carrier is to make sure the carrier’s size is slightly bigger than the pet.

When it comes to analyzing size, mere sight can be deceiving, so you may want to measure your pet from its nose to its tail, then add three inches to whatever size you arrive at to know the horizontal length of how long you want the carrier to be.

Then you measure from the top of its head to the ground, then add five inches to get the carrier’s appropriate width and breadth.

It is also good to keep in mind the potential growth of your pet when buying a carrier.

If your carrier will be expensive and your pet will likely experience a growth sprout soon, buy a spacious one; that way, they’ll grow into it.

3. Purpose

The fundamental reason you choose to buy a luxury pet carrier must be well stated before investing your resources.

It would be best if you thought about where and how you intend to use the carrier most. Is it an extended road trip by road?

Or maybe you are the manager/owner for a trained Hollywood dog, and your job requires frequent flying for you and your keen furry boss.

Note, however, that you may want to make sure your preferred airline has approved dog carriers for in the cabin if you plan to do a lot of air travel.

Some small carriers even fit under your seat on the plane.

However, some airlines have a rule against carrying large pets on board, so your pet will be kept in the plane’s cargo area.

Whatever the case may be, your choice of pet carrier’s specifics must be directly proportional to its constant use.

4. Design and Quality

Fashionable pet carriers serve a dual purpose. They can be used as a fancy designer purse as well as a pet carrier.

A pet carrier’s design and quality are essential factors to consider before choosing to buy a luxury pet carrier.

High-quality carriers are more expensive, but they tend to last longer and be more comfortable for both the conveyer and the pet.

Another thing is to keep your eyes peeled for a good design. In terms of fashion, extra features such as snack and water bottle pockets can be crucial in emergencies.

5. Safety

A suitable carrier should be able to keep your pet safe and secure.

The closure fasteners should be firm enough to hold your pet in place if it gets too playful or adventurous and tries to bolt out of its carrier for some little fun.

Another factor to check to make sure your carrier is safe and secure is the source material(s).

Light materials (bolts, walls) that can be scratched away cannot keep a chubby cat with claws very secure as it can scratch them off totally or destroy them.

You’ll also want to make sure that the carrier’s interior is well padded, leveled, and balanced.

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