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Sunglasses make really awesome gifts–they’re stylish, protective and affordable. No matter the season, blue aviator sunglasses are a perfect personal gift for your loved ones. In this article, we will check out the many different factors you have to consider when giving sunglasses as a gift. What style of glasses should you choose or if it’s a female so what kind of cat eye contacts will be the best option? How do you know if a trend will look good on the person you’re giving the sunglasses to? How much should you spend on sunglasses overall when you’re gifting them? Keep reading to find out all our top tips to making your gift-giving experience an amazing one!

1.Face Shape

Remember that the sunglasses should suit the wearer’s face shape and features. Whether you’re buying in-store or online at shops like Great Southern Sunnies, it’s a great idea to think about the face shape of the person you’re buying the sunglasses for, or bring a photo of them. If they have a heart-shaped face, then square frames will probably be a good option. If they have a square jaw, wayfarers are a better way to go because of the relatively softer silhouette. If you have trouble visualizing which sunnies will suit them, you can do a quick Google Search for stars and celebrities who have similar features.


What does their lifestyle look like and what will be useful for them? Do your loved ones like the outdoors? Or do they wear shades more for fashion and city wear? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about what they would find useful in their day to day lives. This will help you prioritize when it comes to buying the right pair of sunglasses. Make sure to also think about the types of lenses they’ll need–do they need UV protection or screen protection or both? Should the lenses be lightweight? Should they be multi-coated? These are all choices that you will have to make as you make your choice. 

3.Personal Style 

Different designs have different vibes and the same goes for people. Everyone has a different personality that they want to convey through their clothes, accessories, and personal style. have their personality which shines through in their clothing and accessories. There are people who are more relaxed, while there are others who tend to be more formal. In turn, there are also people who are more trendy and who enjoy changing up their style a lot. Notice the kinds of outfits the person you’re buying for usually wears and use that as a basis of what they’d like. 

4.What They Already Have 

Make sure that you get a feel of what sunglasses they already have. Chances are if you find something perfect for that person, they’ll already have them in their collection. This step is low-effort but it helps you come up with a gift that’s amazing and super thoughtful.

If it turns out that they already have what you were thinking of getting them, don’t get upset–there are a lot of awesome online stores that carry more designs within a single design family. Great Southern Sunnies, for example, has Valley’s Dead Coffin Club line which was inspired by the cat-eye but innovated the classic style by thickening the rims and adding an elegant glossy coat. Things get a lot easier when you do your research thoroughly. You’ll find that you start having a lot more ideas and you won’t feel so stuck!


Yes, it’s definitely true: most sunglasses have pretty hefty price tags on them. This goes for both when you’re buying from a designer brand and when you’re splurging on a new drop. Ensure that you are clear about your budget even before you start looking for options. Once you have this down, it becomes a lot easier to single out the range of sunglasses you’re willing to look at. Don’t waste your time: remember to consider other expenses like gift wrapping, a card, and delivery, so that you’re not surprised.

Buying gifts online is easy and fast when it comes to budget restraints, because there are a lot of online stores like Great Southern Sunnies which offer stylish sunnies at an affordable price. 

Giving sunglasses as a gift is a very personal touch. It’s one of those small gestures that you can really put effort into by choosing the right colour, shape, and frame for your loved ones’ lifestyle. They are the perfect combination of fashion and protection, giving you style while also keeping your eyes from the damaging glare of the sun. Keep these top tips in mind and we promise: you can’t go wrong when you give your loved ones sunglasses as a gift!

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