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Fake clothes: 5 ways to distinguish the real brand

The most counterfeited brands are Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci, followed by Louboutin, Jacobs, Dior and Michael Kors. Not so long ago Balenciaga and Vetements brands were added to the top of the most counterfeited luxury bags, shoes and clothing. Even socks are counterfeited! So before you decide to buy, get familiar with this material.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll benefit from the advice of an expert.

Buy only from stores that are partners/distributors of the brand, or from mono-brand boutiques. If you plan to buy an item on the secondary market, use only verified companies that provide legitimacy verification services and a financial guarantee of the security of the transaction!

There are very high quality fakes, which sometimes cannot be distinguished from the original even by professionals. After all, as they say, the devil is in the details. There is no unified system for detecting fakes; fashion is fickle. Today, many brands specifically produce goods as similar to a fake as possible (for example, Gucci, Balenciaga). Therefore, if you are not well versed in fashion, it is better still not to risk.

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When buying clothes we advise to pay attention to the compliance with these points:

1. Attention to hardware

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the zipper. It should move smoothly, without unnecessary tension and resistance. In addition, any metal parts on the bag – locks, handle, belt fasteners – should be perceptible in weight, as well as be sure to have a brand marking. If it is missing somewhere, it’s a reason to think twice.

When it comes to shoes and clothing, not just handbags, pay attention to the seams. The giants of the fashion industry simply can’t afford to do thin stitches that just tend to unravel.

Fittings include pockets, clasps, and some lettering, such as made in. The Fendi Peekaboo Micro handbag can be distinguished from the fake thanks to the original’s lack of a dubbing on the back of the button that closes the bag at the front. The most popular Chanel tote is forgotten to have a hidden pocket, and Louis Vuitton bags, produced in collaboration with Takashi Murakami, are marked Made in France, although this collection was produced in Spain.

2. Study the color palette

Each luxury brand has its own official palette. For example, the color of the soles of the Louboutins has long been patented, and its repetition threatens the makers of the fake brand with prison, so they choose the closest possible shades. The same, for instance, applies even to the color of Tiffany & Co. jewelry boxes. Gucci and Chanel have their own colors for the accessories. So, the gold color of the Gucci belt buckle is not exactly gold, it is a certain combination of gold and bronze, which keeps its shade regardless of the light.

In addition, the different print on the bags and the color, for example, on the sneakers in the fakes may not match the official releases. So check in advance on the brand’s official website to see if the color you want is there. Didn’t match? Bravely refuse to buy a fake.

3. Check the serial number

Another important thing you should check before buying a luxury item is the presence of a stamp with a serial number. It should match the one on the box and on the dust bag, and it should be stamped directly on the item, not glued to it on paper. No number means it is a fake.

4. Pay attention to the font and spelling

In order to get around the laws of some countries, fake manufacturers make “accidental” brand spelling mistakes. So Cartier becomes Carter, and Chanel is abbreviated as OC instead of CC. And let’s also reveal the secret that, for example, the font on Balenciaga sneakers has a different slant from those made by unofficial craftsmen. And it only seems that everything is the same. It’s the same story with Michael Kors bags. Look closely at the spelling of the designer’s last name: if the foot of the letter R is too far off from the intersection of the base and the semicircle, you’re looking at a fake.

5. The price speaks for itself

An original Chanel handbag can’t cost $100, no matter what discounts are set for it. By the way, discounts on iconic models are an absolute rarity. You can find a bag from a past collection in the official outlet stores. Discounts are usually no more than 50%.

This principle applies to all luxury accessories that have not been used. And yes, remember that not all stores may carry some luxury brands. For example, chances are you’ll only see Burberry and Gucci on the same shelf as Dior in boutiques that sell fakes. Be careful and better ask for a license or check the brand’s official distributors online.

If you remember all these rules, you can easily distinguish the original from the fake.

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