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Fantasy cricket is a segment of the fantasy sports genre where a user creates a virtual team of real cricket players and plays the real-time game. The points, which are given for runs, wickets, catches, etc., are scored depending on how the chosen players perform in real-life matches. It is a platform for those cricket lovers who could use their skills and knowledge to score maximum points and win the game.

fantasy cricket

These days, the interest of online gamers in fantasy cricket has been soaring. Although fantasy cricket is widely popular, playing can be difficult in the beginning. To play the game, you need to know fantasy cricket tips to plan a strategy and adopt gaming methods that could help you to mark your win.

You need to consider several expert tips, make your own tricks and prepare several strategies to earn the maximum points and win in a fantasy cricket game. Read on to know more about them!

So here are few fantasy cricket tips and tricks to ace the game and be productive.

1. Player Performance

It is important to check details of individual performance before choosing a player. View the player’s performance as a single entity not as a part of his national team or other teams. Study a player’s recent or current scores to evaluate his form and consistency in a particular format.

2. Pitch Performance

Another important aspect is the nature of the pitch, which is also very important in the virtual game. A flat pitch is great for the batsmen while the bouncy and fast pitch turns out to be a paradise for fast bowlers. Besides the nature of the pitch, it is vital to look at how the pitch has behaved in the recent and previous matches to get an idea of what kind of team you need to select.

3. Death Bowlers

Pick bowlers who are proven to close matches superbly. Their death overs can help boost points, as many wickets go down in the last few overs of a match. These kinds of bowlers find opportunities to take more wickets, clinching the win for your team.

4. Top-Order Batsmen

Top-order batsmen usually score the maximum number of runs, as they spend the maximum amount of time on the pitch and end up playing the maximum number of overs. Consequently, top-order batsmen are expected to churn out the maximum number of runs and fetch you the highest profits.

5. Captain

The captain will lead your team to victory, so choose a player who is in form and is a great leader to sail the team through adverse conditions. Also, remember that most online cricket websites reward you with additional points for the Captain (usually 2x) so choose your captain wisely to get the maximum number of points.

6. Gut Instinct

Trust your instinct and play the game because to win big, you need to play big. Moreover, enjoy the game and not get too overwhelmed if the results occasionally do not come in your favour.

So these are some tips and tricks one should consider before playing fantasy cricket. These tips will help you in improving your performance and your quest for imaginary cricketing glory.

Good luck and have fun!

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