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Fashion Mistakes

Fashion is fun! Fashion is everything you want it to be! True. But still, there are certain rules that will help refine your individual style quotient. To set your own trend and be in vogue, there are fashion mistakes that you will always want to avoid.   

Let us check out. 

  1. Wear What You Love

The biggest fashion mistake that most of us do is to limit ourselves in what we wear or how we look. We limit our fashion statement because of our size…because of our look. Often, we heard people saying “I am too fat or that I am too old to wear that.” However, true fashion is in wearing what you like, of course, by experimenting with your personal style. Until you have worn it, you never know how amazing you will look in it. 

Therefore, stop assuming and play with shapes, colours and styles to find what looks great on your body. 

  1. Buy Clothes that Fit Your Body

Often, people make the mistake of buying clothes too small or too large than their sizes. If you buy clothes that are too small and skimpy, there will be that constant fight to keep yourself tucked and sucked. On the other hand, if you buy sizes too large than your body to hide problem areas, it will actually make you look like an oversized bag lady. 

Fix the mistake by forgetting the number that brands come with and trying things that flaunt your assets. Wearing clothes that fit your body is the style trend you should follow. 

  1. Not Reinventing Styles 

As old trends are making a comeback, people tend to blindly follow the style. So, you end up dressing head to toe completely in a retro style that dates back to five decades ago! This is a big mistake. 

Whatever fashion trend you follow, it is important to mould it in your style. For example, if you want that retro look to come out most beautifully, give it a modern spin. Add contemporary pieces that blend perfectly with the vintage appeal. That will make you stand out in the crowd. 

  1. You Never Mix Prints & Avoid Horizontal Stripes 

These are the two most common fashion mistakes that people do. You think matching prints will look too loud on you. The truth is, mixed prints add a touch of freshness and look sophisticated when you wear confidently. Start off with common prints like polka dots and stripes. 

And you have fallen for that fashion myth, right? That horizontal stripes make a person look wider? Trust us; pick perfectly-fit classic silhouettes in horizontal lines and you will definitely make heads turn in awe. 

  1. Playing Safe with Colours

Are you someone who buys only one colour? If yes, then you are making the biggest mistake of flaunting a boring style. Feeling nervous adding colours to your style? Begin with colourful accessories and keep the rest neutral. Once you are confident, know which colour combinations will work best for you.  

Avoiding the common fashion mistakes will help you confidently wear what you love, add refreshing styles and stay in vogue…always.  

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