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Hilversum, 21 January 2021 – The Dutch manufacturer of smart lighting solutions announces the details of its new, user-friendly app, which will be delivered for the first time these days with the newly introduced WiFi lamps.

The well-known app from the provider of Zigbee and WiFi lamps, has been completely overhauled and now comes with a number of new and interesting features for the WiFi products that will be introduced simultaneously with the app.
For example, setting up the WiFi LED lamps is now even easier and less complicated thanks to the QR code: scan the code and the app immediately adds the new LED lamp securely to the account via the wireless network and to the individual presets. Immediately after initialisation, the added lamp can be controlled via smartphone/tablet or via voice control. As an alternative to ad hoc control, automated routines are particularly popular. Predefined timers are therefore very popular with users, as they can be used to activate or deactivate favourite settings at specific times.
For the first time, the app simulates scenes intended by users for the waking up or falling asleep phase. With very smooth light transitions, the amount of light adapts to the user’s needs.

In developing the app, even greater emphasis was placed on completely intuitive operation. Therefore, the look and feel of the user interface was subjected to various usability tests. The result is easy and convenient-to-use buttons and sliders on a pleasant dark background. Despite the complex setting options, the individual functions can even be operated by primary school children, as tests have shown.

In combination with a new bridge, which Innr is announcing for the second quarter of 2021, the app will later be universally usable for all Zigbee and WiFi products.
Initially, it is intended for the WiFi LED lamps with E27 connection. Innr offers the E27 WiFi products in Europe in a double pack. White WiFi LED have the product name WRB 765-2 and cost 24.99 euros. Two RGB lamps (WRB 785 C-2) are available for a price of 29.99 euros and the choice of 16 million colours can be remotely controlled.

Innr Lighting BV, Heuvellaan 50, 1217 JN Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Press contact: Jorg Mühlenberg, Phone: +49 172 83 29 737,

Innr is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting systems for the home, office and outdoor areas. The Dutch company was founded in 2012 and sells its products based on Zigbee and WiFi standard in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, England, France, Italy, Spain and the USA. In Europe, the company has also made a name for itself as a competitively priced third-party supplier of retrofit bulbs.
Innr’s LED technology replaces classic light sources with “intelligent” dimmable ‘comfort’ LEDs that can wireless be operated by smartphone, tablet, remote control or voice control. Innr products can be controlled via various interfaces and are compatible with Philips Hue technology except for the Hue Entertainment functionality or Apple HomeKit.

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